Tiana Davis

2023 Emerging Leader/Alfred Frechette Award

Tiana M. Davis is a Deputy Public Health Commissioner for the Springfield Department of Health and Human Services (SDHHS). Tiana oversees the Health Services for the Homeless Health Center, a Federally Qualified Health Center offering primary care, behavioral health, dental, and enabling support services across the Western Mass Tri-County (Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin) to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Through this work, she is dedicated to ensuring that homeless residents are treated with respect and have access to quality healthcare and support services. 

Before joining the SDHHS, Tiana worked for over 15 years in public health at a community health center, a local hospital, and for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Health & Human Services, where she developed a deep understanding of the healthcare system and the challenges faced by patients and of healthcare policy and its impact on communities across the state. 

Committed to seeking ways to address public health challenges and improve health outcomes, she obtained a Masters of Public Health with a concentration in Health Policy and Management from the University of Massachusetts. 

Tiana has strong ties to the community and is passionate about giving back, believing everyone has a responsibility to help create positive change. These are not mere words; she holds firm to the belief by demonstrating the deeds of volunteering at local organizations serving underserved populations. 

Committed to improving the health of our community through innovative programs and policies, she embraces the challenge of actively influencing and formulating ideas to promote positive results and much-needed change. 

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