MPHA is proud of the following accomplishments and legislative victories:

  • Securing $6M in authorized capital funds and $100K in administrative funds for the Massachusetts Food Trust –funding the Food Trust will increase healthy food access and boost economic development in low and middle income communities throughout the Commonwealth. 
  • Leading the campaign to pass the Complete Streets Program—resulting in the authorization of $50 million for cities and towns to make your neighborhood streets safer and more inviting for you and your neighbors to walk, run, bike and access public transit.
  • Ensured necessary funding in the FY18 and FY17 state budgets for the Mass in Motion program — a program proven to reduce childhood obesity. 
  • Passed legislation to create a Special Commission on Local Public Health which will allow the Commonwealth to strengthen the local public health system which provides essential protections for communities throughout the Commonwealth.

Prior Accomplishments

  • Kaitlyn with a signSelected as one of seven 2015 Social Innovators working to build organizational capacity with the Social Innovation Forum.
  • Passed legislation to create the Massachusetts Food Trust program—increasing local retailers’ capacity to offer healthy, affordable foods in communities that need it most. 
  • Passage of the Active Streets Bill as part of the Transportation Bond Bill (2014), and securing commitment of $20 million from MassDOT to implement the program (2014).
  • Establishment of the Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund in cost containment legislation, funded at $60 million over 4 years (2012).
  • Increased public health funding, including securing funding dedicated to the successful Mass in Motion program.
  • Expanded MPHA’s field organizing to include more partners from across the state taking action to improve community health and reduce chronic disease.
  • Passage of School Nutrition Legislation (2010), promulgation of strong school nutrition regulations (2011), and convening of the School Nutrition Implementation Working Group (2011-2012).
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