2023 – 2024 Policy Priorities

MPHA seeks to eliminate all forms of structural inequity that affect health through advocacy, coalition building, and partnership with communities most impacted by oppression. We will advance the following policy priorities through legislative and administrative advocacy. In addition, MPHA works to harness the power of the healthcare system to influence policymaking on the social determinants of health – factors such as access to healthy food, the availability of safe affordable housing, and public transportation for accessing education, jobs, and medical care – which contribute enormously to the health outcomes of individuals and communities.

Transportation Justice

Structuring public transportation to be a well-integrated statewide system that gets all residents – particularly people of color, low-income people, people with limited mobility, and people living within a Regional Transit Authority (RTA) service area – where they need to go.

  • Regional Transit Authority (RTA) Advancement (H.3272/S.2277) by Rep. Blais, Sen. Moran
  • Fare-Free Buses Statewide (H.3266/S.2246) by Reps. Barber & LeBoeuf, Sen. Jehlen
  • Low-Income Transit Fares (H.3373/S.2231) by Rep. Madaro, Sen. Edwards
Transforming Local Public Health

Transforming the landscape of local public health departments to ensure that all residents – regardless of race, income, or zip code – have access to high-quality public health services, like communicable disease control, food and housing safety, and protection from harmful environmental exposures.

  • Statewide Accelerated Public Health for Every Community (SAPHE 2.0) (H.2204/S.1334) by Reps. Kane & Garlick, Sen. Comerford
Housing Justice

Promoting inclusive communities where all residents can find stable, affordable housing, and shifting decision-making power to residents who have been harmed by housing policies and practices shaped by structural racism.

  • Rent Control Enabling Act (H.2103/S.1299) by Reps. Rogers & Montaño, Sens. Jehlen & Gomez
  • Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA) (H.1350/S.880) by Reps. Livingstone & Consalvo, Sen. Jehlen
  • Foreclosure Prevention Program (H.942/S.653) by Reps. Barber & Capano, Sen. Gomez
  • Right to Counsel in Eviction Proceedings (H.1731/S.864) by Reps. Rogers & Day, Sen. DiDomenico
  • Housing and Environmental Revenue Opportunities (HERO) Act (H.2894/S.1799) by Rep. Montaño, Sen. Eldridge
  • Local Option for Housing Affordability (LOHA) (H.2747/S.1771) by Rep. Connolly, Sen. Comerford
  • Promoting Housing Opportunity and Mobility through Eviction Sealing (HOMES) Act (H.1690/S.956) by Rep. Moran, Sen. Edwards
Environmental Justice

Building power in communities experiencing high concentrations of pollution, including low-income communities, communities of color, and English as an additional language (EAL) households, to advance and enforce climate policy that prevents and mitigates the public health impacts of environmental racism.

  • Access to Justice (H.1677/S.953) by Rep. Meschino, Sen. DiDomenico
  • Energy Facility Siting Reform (H.3187/S2113) by Rep. Adrian Madaro, Sens. DiDomenico
  • An Act Promoting Drinking Water Quality for All (H.902/S.482) by Reps. Sena & Pingatelli, Sens. Elderidge & Edwards 
Sustainable Food Systems

Ensuring that all communities have access to healthy, affordable foods and addressing the legacy of racism within food systems, including who controls production and how food is distributed.

  • Sustain funding for the Massachusetts Food Trust Program to support food retailers in low-income communities, and
  • Sustain funding for the Mass in Motion Program to promote opportunities for healthy eating and active living.
In Solidarity

Following the lead of trusted partners to advance policies that promote community stability and health for all people, including people of color, immigrants, people who are poor, older adults, youth, LGBTQ+ people, women, people with disabilities, and others impacted by oppression.

  • Lift Kids Out of Deep Poverty (H.144/S.75) by Rep. Decker, Sen. DiDomenico
  • Universal School Meals (H.603/S.261) by Rep. Vargas, Sen. DiDomenico 
  • Overdose Prevention Centers (H.1981/S.1242) by Reps. Fernandes & Decker, Sen. Cyr
  • Jail and Prison Construction Moratorium (H.1795/S.1979) by Rep. Tyler, Sen. Comerford
  • Ensuring Access to Addiction Services (H.1966/S.1247) by Rep. Balser, Sen. Friedman
  • Prevention Wellness Trust Fund (H.2266/S.1400) by Rep. Nguyen, Sen. Lewis
  • Community Immunity (H.2151/S.1458) by Rep. Donato, Sen. Rausch
  • Midwifery Care & Out-of-Hospital Births (H.2209/S.1457) by Reps. Khan & Fluker Oakley, Sen. Rausch
  • Data Equity (H.3003) by Rep. Chan, Sen. Eldridge

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