In Solidarity

MPHA follows the lead of trusted partners to advance policies that promote community stability and health for all people, including people of color, immigrants, people who are poor, older adults, youth, LGBTQ+ people, women, people with disabilities, and others impacted by oppression. Policy areas where we work in solidarity include:

  • H.144/S.75, Rep. Decker, Sen. DiDomenico | Lift Kids Out of Deep Poverty 
  • H.603/S.261, Rep. Vargas, Sen. DiDomenico | Universal School Meals 
  • H.1981/S.1242, Reps. Fernandes & Decker, Sen. Cyr | Overdose Prevention Centers 
  • H.1795/S.1979, Rep. Tyler, Sen. Comerford | Jail and Prison Construction Moratorium 
  • H.1966/S.1247, Rep. Balser, Sen. Friedman | Ensuring Access to Addiction Services 
  • H.2266/S.1400, Rep. Nguyen, Sen. Lewis | Prevention Wellness Trust Fund 
  • H.2151/S.1458, Rep. Donato, Sen. Rausch | Community Immunity 
  • H.2209/S.1457, Reps. Khan & Fluker Oakley, Sen. Rausch | Midwifery Care & Out-of-Hospital Births
  • H.3003, Rep. Chan, Sen. Eldridge | Data Equity 
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