Housing Stabilization

Massachusetts is experiencing a housing crisis. In recent decades, skyrocketing housing costs have put growing financial pressure on most middle and low-income families. This crisis was exacerbated during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused widespread job loss in the hospitality, entertainment and restaurant industries.

Access to affordable housing is a fundamental driver of positive health outcomes. Housing stability promotes well-being, fosters stable employment and contributes to long-term family and social connections. To address our housing crisis, MPHA is committed to listening closely to those who have been most impacted by housing instability and to advancing policy changes led by community-based organizations. We advocate for policies that:

  • Support the stability of tenants and low-income homeowners to prevent displacement,
  • Expand access to supportive services that prevent homelessness and help people maintain housing,
  • Reduce exclusionary land use practices that inhibit development of new affordable homes near transit and jobs, and
  • Increase resources to build new affordable housing and improve the quality of existing housing throughout the state.