State Action for Public Health Excellence (SAPHE) Program (S1294/H1935) by Senator Jason Lewis and Representatives Kane and Garlick

DPH Commissioner Monica Bharel, Representative Kane and other SAPHE supporters following legislative briefing on May 7, 2019

S1294/H1935 will advance the goals identified by the Special Commission on Local and Regional Public Health by:

  1. Ensuring that all members of the local public health workforce have access to essential training. Directs the Department of Public Health to hold the Foundations of Public Health Course free of charge at least four times a year in geographically diverse areas of the state.
  2. Creating an incentive grant program to support more effective and efficient delivery of services by increasing sharing across municipalities. Creates the SAPHE Program, a grant program that incentivizes health departments to adopt best practices including workforce standards, data reporting, and sharing of services across municipalities to increase capacity and ability to meet statutory requirements.
  3. Moving Massachusetts toward national standards for a 21st century public health system.  Directs the Special Commission on Local and Regional Public Health to determine and assess a foundational standard for local public health services in Massachusetts in alignment with national standards.  


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