Chien-Chi Huang

2022 Recipient, Lemuel Shattuck Award

Chien-Chi Huang is the Executive Director and Founder of Asian Women for Health, a peer-led, grassroots, not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing Asian women’s health and wellbeing through education, advocacy, and support. She is a breast cancer survivor who has used her own experience to build strategies that both support other Asian women and that change policies.

Asian Women for Health empowers Asian women to seek help in making informed decisions for themselves and their loved ones, to obtain curative and preventive care, and to participate in voicing the need for health policy changes that reduce the prevalence of race, ethnicity, and language-based health disparities. Chien-Chi Huang has been an ardent advocate for the collection, analysis, and reporting of race and ethnicity data for Asian Americans in order to make health inequities more visible so that they can be more effectively addressed.

Chien-Chi has over ten years’ experience in advertising and video production which she uses to host trainings that encompass the relationship between the health care industry and Asian communities. She is a founding member of two community-based coalitions: the Chinatown Health Alliance and the Immigrants and Refugees Mental Health Network. Chien-Chi is also a key organizer of three annual conferences in Massachusetts: The State of Asian Women’s Health in MA, the Asian American Mental Health Forum, and the BIWOC Gathering Circle. She sits on numerous national and statewide advisory councils and has received awards and accolades for her unflagging commitment to health and wellness in the Asian community.

Ms. Huang holds an MS in Communications from Boston University (1991) and a BA from the National Taiwan University, College of Liberal Arts (1988). 

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