Universal Public Health Protections

2017-2018 Policy Priorities


Bureau of Environmental Health Funding

The Bureau of Environmental Health (BEH), an agency dedicated to protecting MA residents from environmental hazards and illnesses, continues to be underfunded. Increased funding is needed for BEH to have adequate staff and technology for food protection, radiation control, and enforcement of sanitary codes in housing and public facilities.


Diversion to Treatment from Incarceration

Create a new pathway to treatment for court-involved individuals struggling with substance use disorders; require insurance companies to cover medically-necessary treatment and recovery services; and expand legal protections for people who seek help for someone at risk of overdose.

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Substance Use Disorder Treatment Funding

Opioid overdose deaths continue to rise in Massachusetts. Increased funding is needed to provideĀ greater access to and availability of treatment, recovery and prevention services.

Public Health Protections in the Implementation of Recreational Marijuana

Legalized recreational marijuana was passed into law in Massachusetts in November 2016. Necessary public health protections are needed to address health and economic equity while also honoring the will of the voters.

MPHA Written Testimony Recreational Marijuana 4.3.17