Healthy Built Environment

Providing access to healthy, stable and affordable housing and transportation options

2017-2018 Policy Priorities

Fair Share Constitutional Amendment to Fund Transportation

The Fair Share Constitutional Amendment would dedicate upwards of $1.5 billion annually to improve two social determinants of health: transportation and public education.

Click here to view the Fair Share Amendment Fact Sheet

Housing Production Legislation

The Great Neighborhoods Campaign will reform our state’s planning, zoning, and permitting laws to support communities that work for families and seniors.  Great neighborhoods make it possible for young families and seniors to stay in their communities by providing housing choices. They support thriving local businesses and are healthy, walkable places that preserve open space.  Supporting great neighborhoods is vital for the long-term economic success of our communities and our state.

Click here to view the Great Neighborhoods Fact Sheet

Family Homelessness Prevention and Services

As incidence of family homelessness continues to rise, ensuring secure and safe housing options for families is necessary. Policy reforms can help increase access to family shelter and child care for families without homes.

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