Connecting Community Health & Clinical Care

Expanding the reach of the health care system beyond the clinic walls by focusing on the wellbeing of patients, families, and neighborhoods

  • PWTFSupport rollout of the Community Health Worker (CHW) Certification Program

CHWs are frontline public health workers who are trusted members of the community they serve. Evidence shows that CHWs reduce health disparities and markedly improve access for people living in low-income and communities, which suffer a higher burden of chronic diseases  

  • Include community-based prevention in the formation of alternative payment methodologies
  • Adopt Medicaid state plan amendment to reimburse for community based prevention, including CHW services
  • Lay the foundation for the re-authorization of the Prevention & Wellness Trust Fund

PWTF was established in 2012 to challenge communities across the state to reduce health care costs by preventing chronic conditions. PWTF supports community based partnerships including municipalities, health care systems, busieness, regional planning organizations, and schools.