Community Health Integration

Expanding the reach of the health care system beyond the clinic walls by focusing on the underlying social determinants of family and neighborhood health.

2017-2018 Policy Priorities

Continuation of the Prevention & Wellness Trust Fund

The Prevention & Wellness Trust Fund (PWTF) has increased access to preventive services for nearly 1 million people across every region of the Commonwealth. PWTF invests in evidence-based community interventions that keep residents healthy and safe and is helping to transform the linkages between clinical care and community-based services. The first program of its kind in the country, PWTF has been recognized as a national model. Funding for PWTF will sunset in mid-2017 without action from the Legislature.

Click here to learn more about the Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund

Promoting Social Determinants of Health in Health Reform and Community Benefits

Many community hospitals in M.A. do not have health initiatives that address the social determinants of health. Reformed hospital community health initiatives are needed to address the social needs facing communities of color and low income families. The new Alliance for Community Health Integration will lead research on the priorities for the community health integration program.

Community Health Worker Certification and Inclusion in ACO Payments/Care Teams

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