2021 – 2022 Policy Priorities

MPHA’s policy priorities reflect our continuing efforts to address the health impacts and economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we are committed to advancing health equity across the Commonwealth by addressing the underlying causes of health inequities, including poverty and racism. 

Access to Healthy Affordable Food

Transportation Justice

Moving Health Care Upstream

Transforming Local Public Health

Equity in COVID Recovery

  • Ensuring emergency paid sick time for every Massachusetts worker.
  • Supporting the Vaccine Equity Now! Coalition.
  • Passing the Vaccine Equity Act to achieve vaccine parity by appointing an equity and outreach director, improving outreach to hard-hit populations, expanding vaccine accessibility in Black and Latinx communities, and increasing transparency and accountability.

Access to Quality, Affordable Housing

  • Stabilizing housing and avoiding mass eviction by passing the COVID-19 Housing Equity Bill.
  • Supporting eviction sealing and the right to counsel.
  • Generating significant funding for new affordable housing by supporting the Housing and Environment Revenue Opportunities (HERO) Act.
  • Building partnerships for affordable housing and health equity.

Progressive Revenue

  • Increasing the tax rate on corporate profits.
  • Taxing profits that have been shifted overseas.
  • Support the Fair Share Amendment.