Past Awardees

MPHA’s Annual Spring Awards Breakfast honors the most dedicated individuals and organizations across Massachusetts in the field of public health. To see this year’s awardees, click here.

Paul Revere Awardees since 2002

For visionary, lifelong leadership in the promotion of public health programs and practice, and improving the health and wellbeing of residents across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

John McDonough (2003)
Thomas M. Menino (2004)
Edward M. Kennedy (2005)
John O’Brien (2006)
Matthew Fishman (2007)
John Auerbach (2008)
Helen R. Caulton-Harris (2009)
Harold Cox (2010)
Paul Farmer (2011)
Judith Palfrey (2012)
Barbara Ferrer (2013)
Karen Darcy (2014)
Renée Boynton-Jarrett (2015)
Ray Considine (2016)
Deborah Klein Walker (2017)
Ralph Fuccillo (2018)

Lemuel Shattuck Awardees

For significant contributions to the betterment of public health practice across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Zoila Torres Feldman (2007)
Nancy Turnbull (2008)
Frank Robinson (2010)
Lisa Renee Holderby-Fox (2013)
David R. Williams (2014)
José Rivera (2015)
Donna Lombardi (2016)
Shani Dowd (2017)
Cheryl Bartlett (2018)

Alfred Frechette Awardees

For a rising leader in the field of public health in Massachusetts.
Chris Hager (2005)
Ali Noorani (2007)
Derek S. Brindisi (2009)
Steve Fischer (2013)
Tami Gouveia (2014)
Max Fripp (2015)
Jen Slonaker (2017)
Alden Matthew Landry (2018)

Public Health Leadership in Medicine Awardees

For extraordinary commitment to bringing public health principles and partnerships to the practice of medicine.
Paula A. Johnson (2009)
Fran Anthes (2010)
Lauren Smith (2011)
Andrew Balder (2013)
Sarah Perez McAdoo (2014)
Elsie M. Taveras (2016)
Megan Sandel (2017)
Matthew Sadof (2017)

Front Lines Awardees

For trailblazing leadership in improving public health through outreach, education and direct service.
Frances B. Hubbard (2008)
Durrell J. Fox (2016)


Community Leadership Awardees

For inspiring leadership in promoting public health through innovative programs and partnerships.
Ellen Parker and Chef Kirk Conrad (2011)
Nancy Bonell and Donna Querim, Voices for a Healthy SouthCoast (2012)
Benjamin Wood (2015)
Healing Racism Institute of Pioneer Valley (2018)

Corporate Citizenship in Public Health Awardees

For leadership and commitment to integrating public health into business practice

Roger S. Berkowitz (2009)
EMC (2010)
Robin Chase (2011)
Glynn Lloyd, City Fresh Foods (2012)