Message from President

Dear MPHA Supporter,

Please see this important message on membership from Deborah Klein Walker, the former APHA President and former MPHA Board Member.

Thank you for everything you do to make MPHA a powerful force for Public Health in MA.


Deb Dickerson

Dear MPHA Supporter,

As the former American Public Health Association president, a former Board Member and a lifetime member of the Massachusetts Public Health Association, I cannot stress enough how important it is to be part of our local public health association. A strong, local, community focused organization is essential to advocacy for improving health and well-being at the state level. MPHA does much more at the state level than APHA can do as a large national organization with a focus on national policy and advocacy on a broad number of issues.

The APHA Joint Membership Program expires on June 30, 2016. In order to receive all the benefits of joint membership at a reduced rate, you will need to renew your joint membership before June 30th. Please go online right now to this link and renew your joint membership today: You will get all the benefits and discounts associated with joint membership for a full additional year if you renew before the program expires on June 30th. In addition, APHA Annual Meeting conference registration is now open, so you can register for the APHA Annual Meeting in Denver and renew your Joint Membership at the same time, right now.

If you miss the June 30th deadline, please be sure to renew your membership with MPHA

As a member of MPHA we count you among our partners in public health. Working together we will continue moving forward impactful campaigns to advance public health policy focusing on the social determinants of health by:

• Leading the statewide campaign to fund the Massachusetts Food Trust program, which will increase capacity for local retailers to offer healthy, affordable foods in communities that need it most.
• Leading advocacy efforts to fully fund and implement the Complete Streets Funding Program, which will result in safer, more inviting streets for you and your neighbors to walk, run, bike, and access public transit.
• Increasing state public health funding, including securing additional money dedicated to the successful Mass in Motion program.
• Expanding MPHA’s statewide organizing work to include even more community-based partners from around the Commonwealth taking action to improve community health and reduce chronic disease.

The ultimate measure of success is in the value and impact of our work within communities. Please stay active in your community and make sure your public health concerns and solutions are heard at the state level by continuing to support MPHA.


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Deborah Klein Walker
Former APHA President & Former MPHA Board Member