The MPHA Health Equity Fund

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MPHA is seeking individuals and organizations to invest in our vision of an equitable Massachusetts, where zip code, race and poverty do not determine our health or lifespan. The MPHA Health Equity Fund will allow MPHA to pursue – with urgency and unyielding commitment – work that aligns with our values and our shared vision:

Taking Bold Action for Real Change

Real change is the result of challenging power and the status quo. This work requires not only the skilled and experienced policy team at MPHA, but also courageous supporters who will champion and support MPHA as it disrupts the current systems that reinforce inequities.

Valuing Community Knowledge

MPHA’s Policy Council develops our policy agenda and reviews bills for endorsement.  It is comprised of a majority of people of color and representatives from all regions of the state.  The Policy Council is based on the belief that to select meaningful priorities, we must learn from grassroots organizations led by or accountable to people of color, low-income people, and others directly impacted by health inequities. In alignment with our values and commitment to promoting equity, we believe that these grassroots organizations must be compensated for their time and effort in advancing this vital policy work.

Building Tomorrow’s Workforce

Building a more diverse public health workforce and training the next generation of public health leaders requires a well-resourced system for public health training. MPHA is seeking funding to provide financial support to public health graduate students as they learn with us and partner on the full range of MPHA initiatives. These stipends promote equity by ensuring that socioeconomic status is not a barrier for students who wish to intern at MPHA. 

Changing the Conversation

Strategic communications are critical to MPHA’s ability to amplify and influence policy makers. By making investments to enhance our communications platforms and deploy accurate and accessible messaging, we can more effectively position our organization as a bold thought leader and champion for change.

If you share our vision of a thriving Massachusetts, where health equity is both a commitment built into our public policy and a hallmark of our communities, join us by investing in the MPHA Health Equity Fund.

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For more information, contact MPHA Development Manager Ana Hidalgo at 857-302-7256 or

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