Coalition for Local Public Health (CLPH)


The Coalition for Local Public Health (CLPH) consists of public health organizations dedicated to advocating for the resources needed to promote healthy communities in Massachusetts through strong Boards of Health and Health Departments. Our organizations represent over 4,900 citizens and professionals interested in supporting the Commonwealth’s local health infrastructure.


The five member organizations are: Massachusetts Association of Health Boards, Massachusetts Association of Public Health Nurses, Massachusetts Environmental Health Association, Massachusetts Health Officers Association and Massachusetts Public Health Association. *Click on the logos above to learn more about member organizations.


2018 Orientation to Local Public Health

Coalition for Local Public Health Orientation on June 19, 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended the Orientation to Local Public Health on June 19th. Below are the presentation slides:




View: Strengthening Local Public Health in Massachusetts (2006)

View: A Case for Improving the Massachusetts Local Public Health Infrastructure (2003)


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