Action Center

Statewide Policy

guy-only-smallThank you to everyone who joined us on March 1, 2017 at the State House for the campaign launch to urge the legislature to continue the important work of the Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund (PWTF)

Call your legislators and ask them to support public health priorities in the state budget. You can read MPHA’s full budget request letter to the legislature for additional detail, here Click here to find your legislators.

Federal Policy

Actions you can take protect Health Care Coverage and the Prevention and Public Health Fund:

  • Call your Representatives and Senators. If you don’t know who your legislators are, click here. Use these talking points to express your opposition to repealing the ACA.
  • Reach out to your representatives by attending a town hall meeting or constituent meeting. Click here to see if your Representative is hosting a town hall or constituent meeting.
  • Send an email message to your legislator and urge them to support full implementation of the Affordable Care Act and to oppose any efforts to repeal this historic public health law.
  • Reach out to columnists and editorial boards to inform what they write about the House bill. Make sure they understand the bill effectively ends the expansion and that the dramatic changes to Medicaid mean people will ultimately lose coverage.
  • Place an op-ed or Letter To the Editor in local papers. Different voices – a senior who gets home-based care; a parent with a special needs child; a doctor at a safety net hospital – can drive home the real impact of the House bill’s harmful Medicaid provisions.


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You can also request that Congress:


If you have public health action alerts that you would like us to share on our page, please email Melanie O’Malley at: