Job Posting for the Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts: Finance/Contract Manager

Title: Finance/Contract Manager

Organization: Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts

Summary of Position

The Finance/Contract Manager oversees the day-to-day financial operations of PHIWM. The role and responsibilities are financial and contract oversight with the aim at improving the overall performance and accountability of PHIWM programs. This position reports to the Executive Director, works directly with the Financial Coordinator, and with a 3rd party accounting firm.

The Finance/Contract Manager assures that PHIWM: Adheres to the highest standards of integrity in acting as a steward (1) for charitable, taxpayer and other funds entrusted to PHIWM for the public benefit, and (2) on behalf of the long-term interests of the programmatic cause, geographic region or demographic population at the center of its mission.

The Finance/Contract Manager fulfills all legal, tax and regulatory requirements of philanthropic and charitable nonprofit organizations and complies with the letter and the spirit of all laws. Manages all funds, assets and other resources under its direct control with the highest degree of responsibility, integrity, transparency and accountability. Manages all finance administrative duties and responsibilities professionally and with the highest degree of integrity and accountability.

Assists the executive director and board of directors in governing ethically, avoiding both the appearance and actuality of conflicts of interest in conducting the affairs of the organization and in carrying out its legal, fiduciary and policy making responsibilities. Assists the executive director and other directors as well as manages finance administration staff, consultants and project leaders in adhering to standards of ethical conduct, organizational policies and operational procedures. Oversees our program of fiscal sponsorship projects that further our mission and purpose.


  • Stewardship
    • Serves as an active, accessible source – to staff, volunteers, project leaders, and board of directors.
  • Legal, Tax, and Regulatory Compliance
    • Routinely informs and educates staff, volunteers, project leaders, and board of directors about the practical intent and application of such laws.
    • Oversees public policy activities to assure compliance with federal, state, and local lobbying limitations and reporting requirements.
  • Fiscal Integrity
    • Assists executive director in preparing an annual administrative operating budget.
    • Arranges and coordinates the annual financial audit consistent with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
    • Assures financial and legal responsibility for PHC.
    • Oversees and maintains sound systems, policies, procedures, and internal controls based on generally accepted financial and accounting principles and regulations.
    • Monitors all projects for appropriateness of expenditures and fiscal solvency, and routinely reviews project fund balances down to the level of individual grants.
    • Establishes policies and maintains
  • Administrative and Operational Integrity
    • Maintains clear written operational policies and procedures.
    • Oversees staff in financial activities such as: invoicing, maintaining and updating the chart of accounts, documenting various transactions, and control functions.
    • Maintains and continually improves financial management, accounting, administrative, reporting, risk management, and technical assistance systems.
    • Ensures projects comply with financial, programmatic, and administrative requirements of grants and contracts.
    • Supports staff in program planning and project management, including producing annual service plans and budgets and preparing and producing monthly and quarterly program performance reports.
    • Develops a systematic approach for tracking contract compliance and reporting requirements.
    • Reviews all contracts, leases, and other legally binding project commitments, and makes recommendations for approval by the Executive Director.
  • PHC’s fiscal sponsorships
    • Establish the appropriate documentation and agreement with external stakeholders which includes clear written operational policies and procedures, orienting sponsored project leaders and staff about
  • Grant and Service Contract Management
    • Routinely informs and educates leaders of both grant and service contract projects about the practical intent and application of such laws and the requirements of state and federal law.
    • Assures that systems for the sponsored projects are in place to assess risk and mitigate exposure to liability.
    • Assures that sponsored projects are dedicated to project purposes.
  • Grant and Service Contract Management
    • Assures that grant/service contract projects adhere to PHC’s policies, procedures and internal controls.
    • Accounts for and reports on each sponsored project’s funds separately, providing regular and timely fund documentation to project leaders for management, stewardship and reporting purposes.
  • Reports on project’s financial activity down to the level of individual grants
    • Ensures projects comply with financial, programmatic, and administrative requirements of grants and government contracts.



  • Associates Degree in Accounting, Finance and/or related field
  • Knowledge and experience in managing state and federal grants with experience in completing a ‘yellow book’ audit.
  • Five years of experience in a senior or leadership position with overall responsibilities for the nonprofit financial management of a small nonprofit with a 1-5 million dollar budget;
  • Supervised and trained bookkeeping and administrative staff in the execution of the nonprofit’s financial management system.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office and knowledge of QuickBooks and/or Blackbaud Accounting software.


  • Accounting; Contract Management; Subcontract management; Budget development; Financial Auditing experience;

Core Competencies:

  • Facilitative leadership skills,
  • High-level skills in verbal and written interpersonal communications (e.g., supervising staff and or consultants; problem-solving, and team-building)
  • Financial reporting experience
  • Analytical ability
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to work independently and in a team
  • Results-oriented

About the Organization

The Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts provides skills, expertise and experience to create successful public health campaigns and sustainable system changes to improve health and well-being in Western MA. Through partnerships, we build on community assets and build community capacity to positively impact social determinants of health. Our services include Research and Assessment, Coalition-building, Program Evaluation and Health Policy Development. PHIWM is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit with a 20 member Board of Directors and relies on state, federal and private grants and contracts. PHIWM contracts with Baystate Health for Human Resources, Payroll and IT services.

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