Job Posting for the Public Health Institute of Western MA: Senior Research Associate

Title: Senior Research Associate

Organization: Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts

Summary of Position

The Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts’ (PHIWM) Senior Research Associate (listed on Baystate Health website as “Community Health Planning/Research Consultant) is accountable for overseeing, developing, implementing, and conducting evaluation projects and providing evaluation technical assistance, as well as, conducting research and assessment projects; including assistance to subcontractors and community partners allied with PHIWM in these efforts. The evaluation projects will focus on a variety of types of project, including direct service programs, systems and policy change, and collective impact. The position will require expertise in evaluation planning and implementation, as well as, quantitative and qualitative assessment methods. The Senior Research Associate will cultivate and strengthen strategic community partnerships and alliances between local, regional, and state-level coalitions and advocacy organizations; community-based nonprofit corporations; and business, social, educational, and health entities. The Senior Research Associate will work with community partners to create a consensus around healthy community goals and prevention efforts.

The Sr. Research and Evaluation Associate is accountable for assisting in strategic thinking, data analysis, and program planning to achieve the corporation’s strategic goals and objectives, and service contracts. In this area, the Consultant is primarily responsible for implementing strategies such as providing training and technical assistance related to evaluation, assessments, or other related areas; helping to prioritize issues and develop community partnerships; utilizing data to execute new initiatives; evaluating results and communicating progress both through written and verbal communications.

Role of the Senior Research Associate (Essential Functions)

The position’s role typically involves securing service contracts; providing evaluation technical assistance; ensuring that technical assistance meets the standards set by the organization; leading research assessment and evaluation projects; and convening as necessary community partners and clients to achieve the needed services. Partnerships could be with sectors such as faith, business, education, academic, healthcare, and social sector entities.

In particular, the position implements program evaluation and assessment methods for initiatives to improve the health of people enrolled in the project:

  1. Oversees direct staff, subcontractors when necessary, and student interns;
  2. Develops and conduct assessments, programs and services that promote best and emerging practices for selected priority health area(s);
  3. Designs and conducts qualitative assessments such as focus groups and interviews and quantitative assessments;
  4. Develops models for measuring program performance and results and community outcomes/impact;
  5. Develops and implements evaluation plans for prioritizing and collecting data to measure program performance and outcomes and for using this data for program improvement and to demonstrate impact;
  6. Produces data reports and technical products to build capacity around data and assessments
  7. Provides technical assistance and conducts trainings;
  8. Designs and implements collaborative strategies with community partners and collaborators such as healthcare, social organizations, faith communities, community-based organizations and so on;
  9. Provides facilitative leadership to fellow community leaders, and offers opportunities and/or shares experiences, perspectives and expertise on issues such as partnership development, meeting planning, facilitation, and conflict management.

Performance Expectations (Additional Functions)

It is expected that the Sr. Research & Evaluation Associate will work under the general supervision of the Director of Community Research and Evaluation and work entails the day-to-day management (including planning, directing and organizing staff, programming and funding responsibility) of research and evaluation programs and activities.

  1. Programs will meet the objective of the strategic goals and objectives of PHIWM.
  2. Assessment, evaluation, TA, training and capacity building activities will adhere to PHIWM standards.
  3. In conducting research and evaluation activities, TA, and training, they will adhere to a community health planning methodology and planning processes that will result in high quality successful programs.


Education and Experience


  • Masters level college degree in Public Health, Public Administration, Public Policy or related area is preferred. Applicant must have five years of relevant experience, including 1-2 years of evaluation experience. 


  • 2 years in a role of a program manager or supervisor in a public health or human service program. Have regional leadership presence.

Core Competencies (Skills and Competencies)

The high visibility of this position, both internally and externally, requires that the Senior Research Associate have:

  • Experience designing and implementing program and initiative evaluations;
  • Quantitative data analysis and summary skills;
  • Experience conducting and analyzing focus groups and interviews;
  • Highly proficient writing skills;
  • Strong interpersonal, facilitation and collaborative planning skills;
  • Proven abilities to work with and within teams;
  • Strong written and oral communication skills; bilingual preferred
  • A high degree of computer literacy;
  • Demonstrated use of community problem-solving skills;
  • Demonstrated facilitative leadership experiences in a community setting;
  • Strong understanding of the public health environment (including mental health, substance abuse, violence prevention) and the healthcare environment; and
  • Strong public presentation skills

About the Public Health Institute of MA

The Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts provides skills, expertise and experience to create successful public health campaigns and sustainable system changes to improve health and well-being in Western MA. Through partnerships, we build on community assets and build community capacity to positively impact social determinants of health. Our services include Research and Assessment, Coalition-building, Program Evaluation and Health Policy Development. PHIWM is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit with a 20 member Board of Directors and relies on state, federal and private grants and contracts. PHIWM contracts with Baystate Health for Human Resources, Payroll and IT services.

To Apply: Candidates for PHIWM’s Senior Research Associate (called Community Health Planning Consultant with Partners for a Healthier Community on Baystate Health site) should apply through Baystate Health’s job portal at . Baystate Req#: R8951

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