2019 – 2020
Policy Priorities

MPHA’s policy priorities reflect our commitment to advancing health equity in the Commonwealth through policies that align with the health needs and priorities of the communities we serve. MPHA is committed to policies that combat structural racism, integrate health into all policies, and reduce poverty. 

With a statewide membership we use a combination of advocacy, public education, community organizing, policy development, and coalition leadership to address the following issues:

  • Healthy Affordable Food
    Ensuring that all communities have access to healthy affordable foods
  • Transportation Equity
    Creating equitable access to reliable, safe, and affordable public transportation options and ensuring equitable implementation of policies to address the transportation sector’s impact on climate and air quality
  • Quality, Affordable Housing
    Ensuring that safe housing is available to people of every age, abilityincome level, and background in every Massachusetts community 
  • Public Health Infrastructure
    Strengthening state and local public health departments that provide foundational protections, including, communicable disease control, food and housing safetyand protection from harmful lead and radiation exposure
  • Community Health Integration
    Ensuring that the health care system addresses community health needs