2021 – 2022 Policy Priorities

MPHA’s policy priorities reflect our continuing efforts to address the health impacts and economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we are committed to advancing health equity across the Commonwealth by addressing the underlying causes of health inequities, including poverty and racism. 

Transforming Local Public Health

Transportation Justice

Economic Justice

  • Ensuring emergency paid sick time for every Massachusetts worker

Vaccine Equity

  • Passing the Vaccine Equity Act to achieve vaccine parity by appointing an equity and outreach director, improving outreach to hard-hit populations, expanding vaccine accessibility in Black and Latinx communities, and increasing transparency and accountability.

Access to Quality, Affordable Housing

  • Stabilizing housing and avoiding mass eviction by passing the COVID-19 Housing Equity Bill
  • Supporting eviction sealing and the right to counsel
  • Generating significant funding for new affordable housing by supporting the Housing and Environment Revenue Opportunities (HERO) Act
  • Building partnerships for affordable housing and health equity

Progressive Revenue

  • Increasing the tax rate on corporate profits
  • Taxing profits that have been shifted overseas

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