2019-2020 Policy Priorities

MPHA Policy Priorities for 2019-2020

Access to Healthy Affordable Food
  • Successful Implementation of the Massachusetts Food Trust Program
  • Mass in Motion Funding
  • Closing the SNAP Gap
  • Funding and Sustainability for the Healthy Incentives Program
Transportation Equity
  • Funding and Modernization of Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs)
  • Equitable Implementation of the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI)
Public Health Infrastructure
  • Passage of the State Action for Public Health Excellence Bill
  • Bureau of Environmental Health Funding
  • Passage of Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and Response Policies
Community Health Integration
  • Funding for the Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund (PWTF)
  • Enhanced Impact of MassHealth ACOs on Health-Related Social Needs
  • Alignment of Hospital Investments with Community Needs
  • Engagement of Health Care Institutions to Support SDOH Policy
Access to Quality, Affordable Housing

MPHA will support policies that increase access to affordable, quality homes for all residents by:

  • Increasing resources to build new affordable housing and improve the quality of existing housing throughout the state
  • Supporting the stability of tenants and low-income homeowners to prevent displacement
  • Reducing exclusionary land use practices that inhibit development of new affordable homes near transit and jobs
  • Expanding access to supportive services that prevent homelessness and help people maintain housing

Click here to view MPHA Priority Legislation for 2017-2018
Click here to view MPHA Priority Legislation 2015-2016

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