2019-2020 Policy Priorities

MPHA Policy Priorities for 2019-2020

MPHA’s policy priorities reflect our commitment to advancing health equity in the Commonwealth through policies that align with the health needs and priorities of the communities we serve. MPHA is committed to policies that combat structural racism, integrate health into all policies, and reduce poverty. 

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Access to Healthy Affordable Food
  • Successful Implementation of the Massachusetts Food Trust Program
  • Mass in Motion Funding
  • Closing the SNAP Gap
  • Funding and Sustainability for the Healthy Incentives Program
Transportation Equity
  • Funding and Modernization of Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs)
  • Equitable Implementation of the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI)
Public Health Infrastructure
  • Passage of the State Action for Public Health Excellence Bill
  • Bureau of Environmental Health Funding
  • Passage of Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and Response Policies
Community Health Integration
  • Funding for the Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund (PWTF)
  • Enhanced Impact of MassHealth ACOs on Health-Related Social Needs
  • Alignment of Hospital Investments with Community Needs
  • Engagement of Health Care Institutions to Support SDOH Policy
Access to Quality, Affordable Housing

MPHA will support policies that increase access to affordable, quality homes for all residents by:

  • Increasing resources to build new affordable housing and improve the quality of existing housing throughout the state
  • Supporting the stability of tenants and low-income homeowners to prevent displacement
  • Reducing exclusionary land use practices that inhibit development of new affordable homes near transit and jobs
  • Expanding access to supportive services that prevent homelessness and help people maintain housing

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