Support Ballot Question 3 to Maintain Civil Rights for All

Last month, MPHA’s Board voted to endorse the “Yes on 3” ballot campaign, which will be before Massachusetts voters on November 6th. A “Yes” vote on Question 3 will maintain civil rights protections for transgender individuals voted into law in Massachusetts in 2016.

MPHA grounds its support for the Yes on 3 campaign in the understanding that maintaining civil rights for transgender residents and visitors to our state is essential realizing MPHA’s mission to advance health equity and social justice in the Commonwealth.

Research shows that transgender people are far more likely to face violence than non-transgender people, including higher rates of murder, sexual assault, and suicide. These statistics are especially troubling for trans people of color and trans youth, two communities that experience heightened violence and discrimination. The continued trauma that transgender people would face when trying to navigate public spaces without the civil rights protections already codified in Massachusetts law will have lifelong impacts on their health and their communities.

Opponents of transgender rights have long used scare tactics to deny basic rights and freedom to transgender children and adults. They continue to use these scare tactics even though they have been proven false. But let’s be clear, it is discrimination against transgender individuals that is a threat to public health and safety. Acknowledging transgender people’s rights and protecting these rights increases public health and safety for all.

Massachusetts cannot fall backward in our fight against discrimination. The results of ballot question 3 will have long-term impacts on social justice in the Commonwealth and beyond. We hope our members and supporters will join us in supporting current law and civil rights protections by voting Yes on 3 in November.

Visit Freedom for All Massachusetts for more information.

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