Job Posting for Massachusetts CommunicateHealth: Communication Associate

TitleCommunication Associate

Organization: CommunicateHealth

Brief Summary of Position:

CommunicateHealth is seeking a motivated self-starter with excellent organizational skills and a strong interest in health communication. They are looking for a perfectionist’s eye for detail applied to coordinating schedules, crafting an email, or capturing meeting notes. Candidates should be comfortable holding all the pieces of a project and can follow-up on action items with colleagues to see tasks through to completion. In addition, candidates should:
• Maintain strong writing, editing, and proofreading skills — and can perform writing assignments with little supervision.
• Are an effective verbal communicator, both in-person and by telephone.
• Have the ability to work on multiple time-sensitive projects with ease.
• Thrive in a fast-paced, flexible work environment.

Duties & Responsibilities: Provide support for health communication, content development, website maintenance, and formative research projects. Tasks may include:

  • Writing content for print and interactive tools
  • Helping to maintain content and images for large federal health websites
  • Conducting Internet research and environmental scans
  • Providing support for research projects such as scheduling research participants and taking notes
  • Coordinate day-to-day activities of projects.
  • Supporting multi-disciplinary teams of writers, designers, researchers, and web developers
  • Scheduling client and team meetings
  • Drafting meeting agendas and taking meeting notes
  • Maintaining project schedules and timelines
  • Support internal CH work.
  • Onsite administrative tasks
  • Interfacing professionally with high-level clients
  • Picture Public Health maintenance and research

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field such as communication, public health, English, or the social sciences.
  • 1-2 years of professional experience.
  • Experience with project coordination, including the development and control of schedules and timelines.
  • Experience in office administration in a busy environment with a mix of remote and on-site staff.
  • Experience with health communication and/or formative research projects.
  • Experience in website content maintenance including content management systems such as Drupal and basic HTML.
  • Demonstrated familiarity with health literacy principles and Mac operating system and software

To Apply: 

Please send cover letter and resume to

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