Job Posting for Massachusetts Department of Public Health: Epidemiologist I

TitleEpidemiologist I

Organization: Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Brief Summary of Position:

The Population Health Information Tool (PHIT) Epidemiologist I is an essential member of the team and will act as a Data Steward within the PHIT system. The Epidemiologist I will work with other data stewards and data owners across the Department and with the PHIT data Visualization Specialist to ensure that data included in PHIT from DPH programs is accurately presented. The Epidemiologist is also responsible for ensuring the presentation of the data are responsive to the needs of DPH stakeholders and partners, and that technical requirements are met for data and messaging preparation and data uploading and presentation.

The Epidemiologist I’s main responsibilities are to maintain and update the data dictionary and data use agreements; work with data stewards across the Department to prepare their data for PHIT (pre-calculated, aggregated, or record-level datasets for in-system calculation) in accordance with PHIT requirements; perform quality control of the datasets received, as necessary; and implement PHIT’s statistical dataset. The Epidemiologist I’s secondary responsibilities are to evaluate the system’s efficacy. This individual will obtain feedback on data utilization and utility, and will inform the PHIT team of any emergent trends or data needs of stakeholders. This will include providing technical assistance to local health partners and users of the PHIT tool in the areas of querying the system for information as well as interpretation of the results. This role includes administrative responsibilities, such as setting up work group meetings with data stewards and PHIT leadership, and providing clear written and verbal reports on the status of all stages of tool development, data processing and management, and outreach activities.


Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Works closely with all the data stewards and data owners across the department to communicate requirements for the preparation and updating of datasets, metadata, and content messaging to be incorporated into the PHIT system.
  • Designs and implements processes to obtain data in a secured and efficient manner. Maintains and updates PHIT’s data dictionary as necessary.
  • Works with the PHIT Database Administrator and PHIT Data Visualization Specialist to support the quality control efforts of the datasets going into the PHIT system.
  • Collaborates in the design and implementation of the PHIT evaluation program.
  • Obtains feedback from stakeholders and local health partners on the usage of PHIT, the utility of the data and tool functionality, and to identify other data needs.
  • Provides technical assistance to local health partners and users of the PHIT system in matters related to querying the system for information, troubleshooting issues with navigating the website, and the interpretation of results.
  • Contributes to the design of disease and exposure prevention and control measures by using statistical data reports, case histories, surveys, and other information to give technical assistance to communicate on public health matters. Aids local boards of health, state and federal agencies, hospitals, and institutions in the implementation of recommended control measures.
  • Supports the PHIT system by reformatting and controlling data quality as needed.

Preferred Qualifications: Applicants must have at least four (4) years of full-time, or equivalent part-time, professional or technical experience in epidemiology, biology, biostatistics, toxicology, environmental science, environmental health, ecology, public health, chemistry, virology, immunology, bacteriology, microbiology, or statistics.

To Apply: 

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