Job Posting for Mass Department of Public Health: Epidemiologist II – Bureau of Community Health & Prevention

TitleEpidemiologist II – Bureau of Community Health & Prevention

Organization: The Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Brief Summary of Position:

The Massachusetts State Office of Rural Health and Health Care Workforce Center (SORH/HCWC) and Office of Oral Health (OOH) within the Bureau of Community Health and Prevention (BCHAP) seek to hire an Epidemiologist II for data collection and analysis, database management, report preparation and provision of technical assistance to contracted agencies. The mission of the SORH/HCWC is to improve health care access in the Commonwealth by developing the health care workforce and building better systems of care prioritizing rural and other under-served populations and emerging needs, and the mission of the OOH is to improve and maintain oral health and ensure equitable health access for all residents of Massachusetts. The Epidemiologist II will be responsible for providing support primarily to the SORH/HCWC and supervising an Epidemiologist I that primarily supports the OOH.

Tasks for both programs will include providing technical assistance to ensure high quality entry and transmission of sensitive information; database cleaning and management; data extractions for information requests, reports, abstracts, or funding applications as needed; analyzing and interpreting data to identify program strengths and weaknesses; summarizing information and drafting reports and presentations. The epidemiologist will also be responsible for periodic review of the epidemiological literature on oral health epidemiology and health care workforce modeling. In addition this position requires collaborating with divisions and bureaus across the department, as well as other government agencies.

The Epidemiologist II will demonstrate leadership within the SORH/HCWC and OOH programs and within the Bureau in a number of different ways. They will collaborate with other programs within DPH, engage external stakeholders, and create new partnerships in order to build the evidence base, develop new research tools and methodologies, and identify best practices in analysis for these programs. The incumbent will also work collaboratively with program staff and other epidemiologists to design and implement surveillance systems for health care access and outcomes for the purposes of statewide surveillance, strategic planning, and evaluation of programs. Finally as a supervisor, the Epidemiologist II will support and mentor an Epidemiologist I, foster professional development, assist in project management, provide training, and guide staff on developing evaluation and analysis plans.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Works closely with Deputy Director of the Office of Statistics and Evaluation to assist in the development of specific frameworks, logic models and methods for conducting both process and impact evaluations of programs and intervention as well as needs assessments.
  • Works closely with the BCHAP and Division leadership, Director of the SORH/HCWC, and Director of OOH as well as program staff to ensure that projects are developed based on evidence and/or best practices and that they are implemented with adequate data collection and evaluation plans to determine the value of the projects.
  • Assists SORH/HCWC and OOH Directors in setting program goals and objectives, including those pertaining to surveillance and evaluation.
  • Works with other evaluation and epidemiology staff within the Office of Statistics and Evaluation to ensure that data collection and evaluation align with other efforts.
  • Conducts literature searches to ensure that programs and interventions are evidence-based and data-driven.
  • Performs computer-based data analysis using SAS, Excel and Access for epidemiologic analysis and file linkage of large data sets.
  • Maintains databases, constructs data files, conducts and supports data entry and performs data edits/cleaning as needed.
  • Assists in the design and development of complex information systems, as needed, to analyze and track collected data, using current technologies.
  • Responds to internal and external data requests in a timely and professional manner; this may include querying online or other databases (e.g., US Census, BRFSS, HCWC) to access data.
  • Develops processes as needed to pilot programs and/or systems to assess accuracy and validity of programs or systems performance prior to actual implementation.
  • Assists in the development of data documents and provides data and technical assistance to both internal, including cross-Bureau, and external programs.
  • Presents findings to assist development of policies at conferences, workshops and community forums.
  • Ensures data confidentiality, security, analyses, reporting and monitors quality control for all SORH/HCWC, OOH, and Department data.
  • Participates in BCHAP and OSE staff meetings.
  • Prepares epidemiological study data for published work in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Reviews professional journals, health bulletins, and other publications to keep informed of current trends and new data in relevant fields, including workforce and oral health publications.
  • Performs other related duties as requested (including in-state and out-of-state travel).


  • Strong background in, and an understanding of, public health evaluation and development of logic models.
  • Experience in the application of data in program development and project management.
  • Sound understanding of research methodology including survey development.
  • Proficient in SAS coding and the analysis of quantitative data utilizing SAS.
  • Experience working with mapping software, such as Arc GIS.
  • Understanding of the process of collecting, managing and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data (both univariate and multivariate).
  • Experience in the development and review of data documents including briefs and fact sheets.
  • Experience in successful grant writing.
  • Experience in working in groups and collaborating with others.
  • Experience in supervision and mentoring.
  • Ability to communicate and coordinate activities with federal as well as other DPH programs and  government agencies.
  • Willingness to learn new technical skills.

To Apply: 

To view full job posting or to apply, please click here.

First consideration will be given to those applicants that apply within the first 14 days.

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