Job Posting for Mass Department of Public Health: Health Care Facility Surveyor

TitleHealth Care Facility Inspector I, Health Care Facility Surveyor Metro Boston/Northern Region – Bureau of Health Care Safety & Quality, Division of Health Care Facilities Licensure and Certification

Organization: The Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Brief Summary of Position:

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) Bureau of Health Care Safety and Quality, Division of Health Care Facilities Licensure and Certification (DHCFLC) is seeking qualified individuals dedicated to public health and quality of life to conduct health care facility surveys. Individuals shall monitor and evaluate the current level of health care services provided throughout the Commonwealth to determine compliance with regulations for licensure and certification. The selected candidates will write evaluative and other reports on findings; design and perform studies evaluating the effectiveness of health care facilities, services, and related programs; consult with Department staff, other state agencies and organizations on the provision of health care; coordinate health care services and related programs among agencies; and develop and conduct training for health care professionals.

The DHCFLC is responsible for surveying and inspecting approximately 800 Massachusetts health care facilities and programs certified for participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The selected candidates will play a vital role ensuring nursing homes and other health care facilities comply with all state and federal regulations. The ideal candidates will have experience working in a health care setting as well as an understanding of regulations and policies that apply to health care facilities in Massachusetts.

Please note, this position surveys facilities statewide and requires extensive travel, with the majority being in the Metro Boston and Northern Region of the Commonwealth.  

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conducts regulatory compliance surveys in skilled nursing facilities and other health care and service delivery agencies to determine compliance with rules and regulations for certification and licensure.
  • Evaluates the plans of correction submitted from health care facilities and conducts follow up visits to determine ongoing compliance with rules and regulations for certification and licensure.
  • Interacts with health care facility executives and administrative teams on inspection related issues.
  • Provides guidance to facilities on state and federal health care regulations, health care standards of practice and related patient care concerns.
  • Participates in the development of methods of evaluating health care services and related programs, in order to determine the degree of acceptance and utilization of health care, type and breadth of service, characteristics of recipients, extent of involvement of professional workers, operational costs and other related activities.
  • Performs patient centered reviews of Medicare and Medicaid recipients to assess the quality and appropriateness of care rendered in such facilities and to assure the compliance of each facility with state and federal utilization control requirements.

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Proficiency in utilizing current technology, including hardware (tablets/computers/cell phones), and software.
  • Ability to prepare general and statistical reports, and maintain accurate records.
  • Knowledge of public health or medical care administration.
  • 3-5 years of experience as an RN working in a healthcare facility preferably nursing homes or hospitals in an administrative or management capacity.
  • Knowledge of state and federal regulations related to hospitals and nursing homes.

To Apply: 

To view full job posting or to apply please, click here.

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