Job Posting for Mass Department of Public Health: Epidemiologist II, Mobile Integrated Health Data Analyst – Bureau of Health Care Safety & Quality

TitleEpidemiologist II, Mobile Integrated Health Data Analyst – Bureau of Health Care Safety & Quality

Organization: The Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Brief Summary of Position:

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) and Bureau of Health Care Safety and Quality is seeking a dynamic individual dedicated to public health and quality of life to conduct data analysis for the Department’s Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) Program. MIH is a sophisticated and integrated health care delivery model intended to link existing health care providers with mobile health infrastructure to improve the health of a specified population within a community. These collaborations are intended to deliver services to a range of patients in out-of-hospital environments by providing patient-centered, multidisciplinary team-based care in coordination with health care facilities and other health care providers.  

The MIH Data Analyst plays a pivotal role in both the program’s quality and transparency, and the market’s service delivery and health outcomes, through data management, analysis and evaluation, and quality improvement functions.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provides leadership and technical assistance to bureau staff around the appropriate and legal use of MIH datasets.   
  • Develops and implements data quality control programs and systems that will enhance confidentiality and accessibility for research.    
  • Independently analyzes, evaluates and makes recommendations about the quality of MIH datasets and systems including analyses of statistical validity and reliability.   
  • Independently provides technical assistance in epidemiology, statistics, and reporting to MIH data providers and agency staff.   
  • Provides epidemiologic and statistical support to the Bureau and to the public in responding to requests for data relating to Mobile Integrated Health. Independently provides advice and insight regarding MIH data and appropriate uses and interpretations.
  • Oversees data quality, including data submissions and cleaning.   
  • Tracks timeliness and content fulfillment of data submissions.   
  • Follows up, as needed, with programs and data reporters to ensure timely and complete data submission.     
  • Recommend standards for data quality assurance and control.   
  • Conducts relevant data analysis and reporting.   
  • Generates meaningful reports using statistical tools and methods.    
  • Conduct supplementary research and review of journals, health bulletins, and other publications as necessary to stay informed of current trends, new data, and other relevant topics.   
  • Draws sound conclusions and make appropriate recommendations based on data analysis.   
  • Communicates internally, with other relevant organizations, local health authorities, medical personnel, or MIH and Community EMS programs to improve processes and outcomes.    


  • Knowledge of EMS systems.   
  • Knowledge of clinical diagnoses and treatments.    
  • Knowledge of healthcare settings and delivery.   
  • Knowledge of the principles and practice of research methodologies.   
  • Knowledge of the principles and techniques of data quality assurance and control.   
  • Knowledge of the principles and techniques of auditing of data transactions.   
  • Knowledge of geographic information systems.   
  • Knowledge of data suppression confidentiality procedures.   
  • Ability to assess data quality.    
  • Experience with public health surveillance and research.   
  • Experience in data analysis (preferably using SAS/ /STATA/R) and in applying analysis and research to policy development in public health.    
  • Knowledge of statutes, regulations, and guidelines governing MIH and EMS.   
  • Knowledge of mobile integrated health and community paramedicine in other states.   
  • Extensive experience surveillance and research in public health.   

To Apply: 

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