Job Posting for Mass Department of Public Health: Fiscal Officer VI, Director of Administration & Finance – Bureau of Community Health Access and Prevention

TitleFiscal Officer VI, Director of Administration & Finance – Bureau of Community Health Access and Prevention

Organization: The Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Brief Summary of Position:

The Director of Administration & Finance (A&F) is a critical leader within the Bureau of Community Health and Prevention (BCHAP) leading a team in providing exemplary fiscal stewardship and support to Bureau Directors and their fiscal staff. To ensure effectiveness and efficiency throughout the Bureau, the Director of A & F champions the development, implementation, monitoring and improvement of fiscal best practices—in alignment with Department, state and federal requirements.

In consultation with the BCHAP Deputy Director, this position supports and implements systems and infrastructure improvement to support the fiscal and operational goals of the Bureau. S/he is responsible for fiscal planning and management of federal, state and trust funds in excess of $100M annually. This position will build and maintain a team culture, while ensuring that individuals are engaged, motivated and supported to successfully meet the fiscal and administrative needs of this busy and high-functioning Bureau. Together the A&F team ensures compliance with grant requirements; provides long-term budget forecasting and annual spending plans human resources support for the Bureau; guidance and support for purchasing; and technical assistance and oversight of contract procurement for the Bureau.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provides leadership, thoughtful decision-making, strategic planning and internal monitoring of Bureau fiscal, personnel and purchasing practices in an environment with declining resources, competing priorities with an increased need for services statewide.
  • Oversees all BCHAP fiscal planning and management, compliance with all grant requirements, long-term budget forecasting, annual spending plan development, purchasing, and contracts.
  • Manages all financial federal grant requirements, ensuring adherence, as well as, appropriate monitoring of sub-awards takes place.
  • Provides support to Directors within the Bureau regarding all aspects of admin, finance, personnel and procurement activities.
  • Analyses and presents financial reports regularly and as requested by the Department and the State.
  • Builds relationships and communicates with Department leaders in Budget, Grants Development, Purchase of Service, Accounting offices other DPH Bureaus and Offices that work collaboratively with BCHAP programs.
  • Oversees the entire A&F office and provides direct supervision to five staff.
  • Coordinates team meetings, mentors staff, fosters achievement, growth, performance and career advancement.
  • Develops effective communication tools and feedback mechanisms to provide support, motivation and feedback.
  • Provides guidance and support to other staff managers to ensure their success in maintaining strong, effective and efficient teams.
  • Ensures all staff are trained in any areas to effectively and efficiently fulfill their role, such as the Information Warehouse, MMARS, PTS or other applications.
  • Serves as a member of the Bureau’s senior management team; participates in the development of policies, procedures and operational issues and in the Bureau’s overall program planning activities, including recommending cost-saving and spending initiatives.

  • Demonstrates strong leadership and facilitation skills, including: communication, strategic planning and project management.
  • Provides critical support and guidance to teams throughout the Bureau—assisting, supporting and training staff to ensure adherence to all grant requirements, processes and procedures.
  • Balances the competing demands for information or work product from several different sources: program staff who may require immediate assistance with a fiscal emergency, senior level management who may require analytical expertise in addressing long range or ongoing problems, staff of other bureaus who require immediate responses to detailed questions and other general program specific analyses.


  • Knowledge of best practices of financial management, including financial analysis.
  • Experience working with large and complex budgets, with ability to leverage resources to maximize impact.

  • Strong leadership, project management and time management skills.
  • Experience developing and implementing policies and procedures related to: systems change and process improvement; internal controls and audits; and tracking and monitoring compliance with state and federal requirements.
  • Capacity to supervise staff, including: performance appraisal, employee coaching, team development, training and professional development.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to lead, influence, and encourage others.
  • Advocates sound financial/business decision making; demonstrates honesty/integrity; leads by example.
  • Creates appropriate professional development and training plans for team members based on their individual strengths, development needs, career aspirations and abilities.
  • Ability to coordinate numerous projects simultaneously to successful completion.
  • Understanding of state budgeting process, preferred.
  • Experience using state fiscal systems, preferred.
  • Applicants must have at least (A) five (5) years of full-time or, equivalent part-time, professional, administrative, supervisory, or managerial experience in financial management work (i.e. budgeting, accounting, auditing, management analysis, program evaluation, financial reporting of program results), of which (B) at least one (1) year must have been in a project management, supervisory or managerial capacity or (C) any equivalent combination of the required experience and substitutions below.
    • A certificate in a relevant or related field may be substituted for one (1) year of the required (A) experience.
    • II. A Bachelor’s degree in a related field may be substituted for two (2) years of the required (A) experience.
    • III. A Graduate degree or higher in a related field may be substituted for three (3) years of the required (A) experience.
    • IV. A Doctorate degree in a related field may be substituted for four (4) years of the required (A) experience.

To Apply: 

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