Job Posting for Mass Department of Public Health: Grants Management Specialist III

Title: Grants Management Specialist III

Organization: The Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Brief Summary of Position:

The Grants Management Specialist will assume responsibility for the management of BEH federal grants and federal accounts, under the direct supervision of the Bureau’s Director of Administration and Finance. This individual must be experienced with applicable federal grant reporting and application procedures, e.g., documentation required for submission in required platforms, preparing budget narratives and supporting documents, progress, and final financial reports, and close out documents. The incumbent will also be responsible for monitoring federal account expenditures and advising the Director of Administration and Finance of expenditure trends during the course of the federal award period.

The Grants Management Specialist will work closely with the Bureau’s senior staff and with the Budget and Accounting offices to ensure timely submission of spending and contract plans, to respond to requests from these offices related to federal accounts, and to monitor and process documentation related to contracts or personnel funded by federal awards. The individual will work closely with the MDPH Director of Grants and Bureau program staff to ensure that applicable procedures and/or requirements as stipulated in federal awards are completed in accordance with required timelines.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Prepare federal grant budgets for competitive or continuation applications to federal funding sources.
  • Prepare all required documentation and application materials necessary for grant submission through or other application platforms by the Department’s designee.
  • Complete required federal budget and reporting documents for all BEH federal awards (e.g., Form 424, Financial Status Report).
  • Complete pre-application forms required for federal funding applications (e.g., MBE/WBE documentation).
  • Prepare payroll projects for all BEH federal accounts for review by BEH Director of Administration and Finance.
  • Ensure compliance with terms and conditions of federal awards and other procedures, rules, or guidelines with the awards.
  • Monitor expenditures on all BEH federal accounts to advise the BEH Director of Administration and Finance of spending trends that correlate with federal account deliverables.
  • Coordinate with other BEH fiscal staff on all federal accounts and with the MDPH budget office in regard to spending plan activities.
  • Prepare spending plans and contract plans for all BEH federal accounts.
  • Review reports related to federal accounts to ensure accuracy, complete financial disclosure, and compliance with required and established procedures.
  • Identify applicability of funds for federal award-supported activities and provide coordination for all federal reporting requirements.
  • Prepare necessary documentation related to personnel funded on federal accounts (e.g., assist with vacancy announcements for federally funded positions).
  • Prepare any federal reconciliation processes (e.g., working with MDPH accounting office to align expenditures with appropriate notice of grant award).
  • Assist BEH Director of Administration and Finance, Bureau Director, or Deputy Directors as requested on fiscal and grant management activities.
  • Recommend changes relative to federal grant administration based on a review of performance and compliance with established legal grant program requirements.
  • Perform related work as required.


  • Knowledge of federal accounting system in MMARS (e.g., estimated budgetary receipts, central expense budgets, reimbursable grant budgets).
  • Ability to supervise, including planning and assigning work according to the nature of the job to be accomplished, the capabilities of subordinates and available resources; controlling work through periodic reviews and/or evaluations; determining subordinates’ training needs and providing or arranging for such training; motivating subordinates to work effectively; determining the need for disciplinary action and either recommending or initiating disciplinary action.
  • Ability to coordinate the efforts of others in accomplishing assigned work objectives.
  • Knowledge of the methods of general report writing, and the ability to prepare general reports.
  • Ability to understand, explain and apply the laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and guidelines governing state and federal grants administration.
  • Ability to understand, explain and apply the laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, specifications, standards, and guidelines governing assigned unit activities.
  • Ability to read and interpret documents such as grant proposals, contract, and financial reports.
  • Ability to analyze and determine the applicability of grants management data, to draw conclusions, and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Ability to prepare and use charts, graphs, and tables.
  • Ability to assemble items of information in accordance with established procedures.
  • Ability to follow oral and written instructions.
  • Ability to give oral and written instructions in a precise, understandable manner.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written expression.
  • Ability to perform arithmetic computations with accuracy.
  • Ability to maintain accurate records.
  • Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with others.
  • Ability to exercise judgment.
  • Knowledge of the types and uses of agency forms.
  • Knowledge of the principles of contract administration including terminology.

To Apply: 

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