Job Posting for Groundwork Somerville: Executive Director

Title: Executive Director

Organization: Groundwork Somerville

Brief Summary of Position:

The Executive Director will focus primarily on fundraising and identifying income sources to drive the growth of Groundwork Somerville. They will also assist the organization with finalizing an administrative partnership with Groundwork Lawrence to allow a structured sharing of procurement, financial management and human resources/talent management functions. This dynamic and entrepreneurial Executive Director will lead Groundwork Somerville into its next phase of work transforming the principles of sustainability into physical demonstrations of change in the built environment. Key areas of emphasis will include working hands-on with a growing Board of Directors and dedicated staff to increase visibility and drive our operational activities.

The Executive Director will also serve a primary role as an ambassador for Groundwork, promoting the organization’s work and cultivating relationships with supporters and stakeholders from across Greater Somerville. The diversity of projects that Groundwork Somerville tackles every year requires an Executive Director with variety of skills and a passion for approaching environmental challenges through a community-driven perspective. Groundwork Somerville believes in the power of collaboration, achieving results by building partnerships, and the imperative of approaching this work through the lens of racial justice. The incoming leader will share these goals, and benefit from the strength of our history, our dedicated and talented team, and the organization’s partners.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Fundraising, Communication, and Collaboration

  • Oversee the procurement of Groundwork Somerville’s annual operating budget. Includes creation of annual budget, strategic vision for meeting budgetary goals, and execution of this strategy to ensure fiscal sustainability and growth of organization.
  • Apply successful experience in proposal writing capabilities. Identify, aggressively pursue and secure all funding, including grants, gifts, fee-for-service arrangements, in-kind donations, nontraditional funding, online marketing, pro bono legal services, and business partnerships.
  • Develop and implement strategies to build and invigorate an active base of volunteers and donors and attract unrestricted funds.
  • Utilize relationships to increase Groundwork Somerville’s visibility across local and regional influence networks.
  • Oversee and expand tactical communications and marketing strategies to ensure timely and effective organizational updates are provided to a variety of audiences. Includes oversight and delegation of periodic newsletters, website and social media strategy, and other outlets to build awareness of Groundwork and our efforts among Somerville residents and region-wide.
  • Act as a strong and enthusiastic networker, tapping a broad range of relationships across the non-profit, food security, youth development, government (local, state and federal), charitable foundation, corporate partner, and educational sectors, including Groundwork USA and other Groundwork Trusts across the country, the City of Somerville, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, National Park Service and US-EPA.

Organizational Leadership

  • Work with the Board of Directors, Deputy Director, and Groundwork staff to set the strategic direction for the organization, identify opportunities for partnerships and new initiatives, and secure the financial and capital resources required for a thriving program and project portfolio.
  • Oversee financial oversight and reporting, budget preparation and management. With the creation of the administrative partnership with Groundwork Lawrence, work with the shared processes on billing, HR compliance, financial management, payroll, and other business needs.
  • Grow the Board of Directors through the nomination, onboarding, and continued engagement of diverse candidates.
  • Uphold the values and culture of the organization by fostering a positive and team-oriented environment, putting a premium on racial and social justice internally and externally.

Program Development and Staff Management

  • Build organizational diversity, and institutionalize systems that ensure an inclusive work environment for all.
  • Support Deputy Director and Groundwork staff to organize and implement projects within Somerville and the Mystic River region that align with overall organizational goals.
  • Manage, support and advise staff, including recruitment, hiring, delegation of responsibility and oversight for programs and projects, team building and career development, evaluation, and mediation.
  • Directly supervise: Deputy Director and Landscapes Project Manager.


  • Demonstrated success in developing and executing fundraising strategies, with particular strength in grant proposal writing and raising funds from corporate and individual donors.
  • Experience in budget development and contract management.
  • Strong and diverse network of professional relationships.
  • At least 5 years’ experience in leadership roles, with success in fundraising and staff management.
  • Experience with collaboration across professional specialties within a range of public and private institutions.
  • Familiarity with governance, statutory language, advisory boards, administrative partnerships and government agency contracts.
  • High level of cultural competency and respect for all stakeholders, with experience working in multicultural settings.
  • A passion for Groundwork’s mission and values around racial, social and environmental justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, and an ability to align mission-driven priorities with operational strategy.
  • Strong knowledge-base regarding urban agriculture, open space, land protection and urban place-making project landscape.
  • Bachelor’s degree required; advanced degree preferred.
  • Proficiency (verbal and written) in a non-English language preferred (e.g. Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole).

To Apply: 

To apply, please send: Resume, Cover letter and a Short Sample of a Proposal or Grant, to (as a single PDF file, if possible, titled “LastName_FirstName_EDApplication”).

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