Job Posting for Mass Department of Public Health: Epidemiologist I

Title: Epidemiologist I

Organization: The Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Brief Summary of Position:

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) is seeking an Epidemiologist I to conduct and support population-based, school and provider assessment and evaluation activities for the Immunization Program. The Immunization Program is committed to promoting the health of Massachusetts’ citizens by ensuring that all individuals are fully immunized in a timely manner, thereby reducing the burden of vaccine preventable diseases that affect the residents of the Commonwealth.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct and support provider-based compliance site visits for the Vaccines for Children Program (VFC) including protocol development, data collection, review, analysis, and reporting of results.
  • Conduct and support Assessment, Feedback, Incentive and eXchange (AFIX) quality improvement activities with providers, including protocol development, data review and analysis, investigation of data quality issues and reporting of results.
  • Conduct and support statewide school immunization surveys of children entering day care, kindergarten, seventh grade and college, including survey development, data review and analysis and reporting of results.
  • Provide training to staff on provider and school assessment activities.
  • Integrate new electronic methods for data collection across all assessment and evaluation activities.
  • Fulfill internal and external data requests for the Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS) and collaborate on MIIS data quality improvement initiatives.
  • Analyze Massachusetts immunization rates as measured by the National Immunization Survey (NIS) and other available datasets to identify disparities and make comparisons to national trends and summarize findings in tables and reports.
  • Prepare annual summaries of all assessment results for interdepartmental and interagency reports (including CDC), as well as for professional publications.
  • Participate in phone duty to respond to immunization-related calls from providers and the general public. May be part of a team that responds to infectious disease emergencies 24 hours/day, 7-days a week, on a rotating basis.
  • Keep informed of current trends and data in the epidemiology of infectious diseases by reviewing the professional literature and by attending courses and seminars.

Qualifications: Ideal candidate must be extremely knowledgeable in the following areas:

  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of epidemiology.
  • Knowledge of the methods of statistical report writing.
  • Ability to analyze and determine the applicability of epidemiological data, to draw conclusions and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Ability to give oral and written instructions in a precise and understandable manner.
  • Ability to conduct training or instruction.

To Apply: 

To view full job posting or to apply please, click here.

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