MPHA’s Commitment to challenging racism and injustice

The Massachusetts Public Health Association (MPHA) stands with our supporters, partners and allies in strongly condemning and repudiating the violence, bigotry and racism that we witnessed in Charlottesville, Virginia and which we see gaining voice across the country. We are heartsick by the lack of leadership by President Trump at a time when this country is crying out for moral leadership. We understand that white supremacy by any name is violence, whether in physical, psychological or emotional form. This violence affects all of our communities but has the most devastating impact on people of color, immigrants, and other minority or marginalized groups whose wellbeing has too often been under attack or at best ignored by the most powerful in our nation.

At MPHA we recognize that it is our obligation to work every day to dismantle the systems of oppression that have resulted in a country in which the color of one’s skin dictates opportunities for optimal health and wellbeing. We know that the roots of racism run deep, and that racism — implicit or explicit — exists everywhere and must be called out and challenged at every opportunity.

We hope that you will remain in solidarity with MPHA as all of us continue to engage in this demanding and difficult — but necessary — work.

In solidarity,

Jodie Silverman
Interim Executive Director

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