MPHA Organizational Member Spotlight: The Alliance of Massachusetts YMCAs

The Alliance of Massachusetts YMCA’s (MA YMCAs) is a longstanding partner of MPHA, and was among the inaugural group of organizations that joined MPHA’s Organizational Membership program in 2013.

Massachusetts YMCAs serve 1.3 million people across the Commonwealth. The Alliance of Massachusetts YMCAs, Inc. works with more than 410 YMCA’s to promote and support centers in reaching children and teens with a wide range of activities designed to help youth achieve their potential and position them for success in their adult lives.

Focusing on Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility, MA YMCAs serves all YMCA branches in the state by advocating on their behalf and providing a multitude of programs across the state. MA YMCAs are part of the Pioneering Healthier Communities work, an effort to create a healthier Massachusetts by facilitating conversations, passing policy, and running programs around physical activity and healthy eating. MA YMCAs, as the largest early education and after-school time provider in the Commonwealth, also works to advocate for an increase in the salary reserve for early education and after-school teachers. The Alliance has been working with local Ys to close the achievement gap in Massachusetts, in order to ensure that all Commonwealth children served by a Y can read at the appropriate grade level. Additionally the Ys address youth at risk, childhood obesity, and prevention of child abuse. Together the YMCAs in Massachusetts have created over 1,100 policy changes.

Together with our organizational members, MPHA believes we can continue to serve Massachusetts communities by creating a healthy and equitable Commonwealth for future generations.

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