MPHA Priorities in Promoting Public Health in Implimentation of Recreational Marijuana Law

Last month the Massachusetts legislature created a new joint committee to review legislation related to the bill legalizing recreational marijuana in Massachusetts, which was voted into law last November. MPHA has identified eight issues to be addressed for the legislature to strengthen public health protections in the legislation and to address racial disparities in marijuana enforcement and in the legalized recreational marijuana industry. Our eight priorities are:

  1. Increasing the tax on recreational marijuana to support youth prevention
  2. Dedicating funding to youth prevention
  3. Placing necessary restrictions on marijuana edibles
  4. Placing necessary restrictions on recreational marijuana advertising
  5. Baseline data collection to measure public health impact
  6. Expungement of criminal records for marijuana possession of an ounce or less
  7. Promotion of racial equity in recreational marijuana industry
  8. Increasing control of local cities and towns

Hearings on recreational marijuana legislation are expected to be held this spring.

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