Job Posting for MDPH: Pharmaceutical Services Inspector

Title: Pharmaceutical Services Inspector  

Organizations: MDPH 

Brief Summary of Position: 

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is seeking qualified candidates dedicated to public health with experience working in a healthcare setting, preferably hospitals or long-term care facilities to conduct inspections/surveys and investigations of health care facilities.

This is a field position requiring extensive statewide travel with the Boston office as home base.

 This position plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and quality improvement of facilities by:  conducting inspections, surveys and investigations of health care facilities; following-up on specific complaints; reporting findings; and recommending corrective action to ensure quality improvement.  The ideal candidate will draw upon her/his clinical and pharmaceutical experience, as well as, an understanding of State and Federal regulatory requirements to successfully meet the requirements of the position.

As a licensed healthcare professional, the Inspector assesses the accurate and consistent interpretation of pharmacy, controlled substance and other health-related regulations and correct implementation of survey procedures. Finally, this position provides consultation on technical pharmaceutical and health related issues, provides training as needed and works on other related activities as requested.



  • Conducts on-site inspections/surveys and investigations at healthcare facilities and agencies statewide todetermine compliance with state licensure requirements and federal Medicare and Medicaid conditions of participation.
  • Surveys, inspects and evaluates pharmaceutical and drug related practices in healthcare facilities throughout the state to determine compliance with state and federal rules and regulations for licensure, certification and registration.
  • Reviews complaints, reports, documents and pertinent information received from the general public, healthcare facilities and agency personnel concerning alleged violations of laws and regulations related to medical error and systems failures.


  • Documents inspection findings, prepares reports on drug-related issues and medication administration practices and recommends corrective actions in accordance with certification requirements.
  • Testifies at hearings regarding findings made during complaint and recertification surveys as necessary.


  • Reviews corrective plans submitted by facilities, conducts follow-up inspections.
  • Provides consultation on technical pharmaceutical and health-related issues, assists in training of healthcare facilities as it pertains to pharmaceutical and medication services.
  • Participates in continuous quality assurance.


  • Participates in the provision of training programs for internal staff, professionals and organizations providing pharmacy and medication administration services.
  • Consults with other division staff and provides information on drug related to develop policies and collaborate on innovative approaches for delivering pharmaceutical products in a safe manner that ensures the health and safety of patients.



  • Knowledge of public health or medical care administration.
  • 3-5 years working in a healthcare facility preferably skilled nursing homes and hospitals in an administrative or management capacity.
  • Knowledge of state and federal regulations related to long term care, hospitals, clinics, hospices, home health agencies, rehabilitation facilities and ambulatory surgical centers.
  • Is a licensed health care professional e.g., Social Worker, Nursing home Administrator, etc.
  • Experience consulting with long-term care or skilled nursing facilities.
  • Working knowledge of USP <797> for sterile compounding.
  • Knowledge of Conditions of Participation, 42 CFR Part 482 for Hospitals and state licensure requirements under 105 CMR 130.000.
  • Experience surveying health care facilities, preferably hospitals.
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of clinical and pharmaceutical services within health care facilities.
  • Knowledge of the process for obtaining, managing, and overseeing pharmaceutical and related biological services within a heath care facility.
  • Knowledge of the process for storage, dispensing, and destruction of medications in health care facilities.
  • Knowledge of the process for documentation of physician orders and related to the administration of medications and biologicals in health care facilities.
  • Knowledge of diagnostic methods and techniques related to the field of pharmacology.
  • Knowledge of principles and practices of biology, toxicology, clinical chemistry, biochemistry and physiology.
  • Knowledge of standard methods and techniques followed in the administration of medication.
  • Knowledge of the standard methods and techniques followed in medical laboratory tests.
  • Knowledge of the types and characteristics of drugs used in providing nursing care.
  • Knowledge of the methods of preparing medical mixtures and solutions including analysis and irrigation solutions.
  • Ability to understand, apply and explain the laws, rules, and regulations, policies, procedures, specifications, standards and guidelines.
  • Ability to understand the laws, rules, regulations, concerning hospital licensure and accreditation.
  • Knowledge of the methods of general report writing.
  • Ability to give written and oral instructions in a precise, understandable manner.
  • Ability to gather information through observing and questioning individuals and by examining records and documents.
  • Ability to read and understand documents such as doctors’ orders, medication records, and treatment plans.
  • Ability to analyze and determine the applicability of medical data, to draw conclusions, and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Ability to operate a motor vehicle.

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