Action you can take now for health equity!

Last week, state legislators filed more than 5,700 bills that will be considered over the next two weeks. Now is a critical time here in Massachusetts to take action!  You have the chance to help MPHA promote policies that will reduce disparities and create greater protections and opportunities for all our residents.

Contact your Representative

Take a few minutes this week to call, email or visit  your Representative and Senator and ask them to co-sponsor the priority legislation below to improve public health in your community.  Find your legislators’ names and contact info. The co-sponsorship deadline is Friday, February 3rd. 

MPHA has prioritized 6 bills that will have a major impact on health equity by:

Read our  Co-sponsor priority public health policy list for names and info about the bills above.  Review our full MPHA 2017-2018 agenda at our website.

Not sure how to contact your legislator?

  1. Read our Co-sponsor Policy List for names and info about the bills.
  2. Use your zip code to look up your legislator.
  3. Via phone or email: State your name, your district, and ask your representative         to co-sponsor .

Contact us

Let us know after you’ve taken action! 
Email Abhidnya Kurve

Questions? Contact:
Maddie Ribble, Director of Public Policy



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