Invitation to connect with the Health Justice Team, a project of the Muslim Justice League

mjl-logoThe Health Justice Team, a project of the Muslim Justice League (MJL), is a group of health professionals and health policy advocates collaborating to educate health sector colleagues about structural Islamophobia’s impact on individuals and public health. The Health Justice Team organizes health professionals to safeguard professional ethics against counterterrorism policies that threaten to undermine those protections. In particular, the Health Justice Team works to raise awareness about troubling “Countering Violent Extremism” (CVE) surveillance programs that recruit helping professionals to profile their charges and thereby damage relationships between health care professionals and their clients and patients.

The Muslim Justice League welcomes connections with additional health professionals interested in learning about these issues and collaborating to protect marginalized communities’ access to safe and dignified health care.  If interested in learning more about the MJL’s Health Justice Team, please contact Shannon Erwin at or Kelly Morgan at


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