Massachusetts Food Policy Council Lists the Massachusetts Food Trust as a Priority in Letter to the Governor

food-policy-councilOn November 21, 2016 the Commissioner of Agricultural Resources submitted a list of priorities to Governor Baker on behalf of the Massachusetts Food Policy Council.  As one of the founders of the Massachusetts Food Policy Council, and a committee member for the Local Food Action Plan, MPHA is excited to see the leadership the Council is taking to move the goals of the Local Food Action Plan forward and to increase the capacity of the local food system in the Commonwealth.  Included in the first priority on the list is the Massachusetts Food Trust program, a program that when implemented, will help to increase access to healthy food and jobs in low and moderate income communities.

The Council, comprised of Governor appointees, set forth 5 priorities to help advance work related to the Massachusetts Local Food Action Plan.  The Council hopes that the Administration can amplify these broad goals and supporting programs, and link them to larger policies.  To learn more about the Massachusetts Food Policy Council, click here.  To get involved in advocating for the implementation of the Massachusetts Food Trust, please contact Kristina St. Cyr,

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