Opportunity to Inform State Health Priorities and Community Engagement Standards

The Commonwealth is engaging in a review and update of the Determination of Need (DoN) program, a program established by the legislature in 1971 to encourage equitable access to health care services. The DoN regulations include a provision known as the Community Health Initiative (CHI) program, that ensures that hospitals that are expanding invest 5% of the project’s total value in strategies that strive to improve community health. CHI investments total more than $170m since FY06.

As part of the DoN revision, the CHI program will be reviewed and updated, with the goal of ensuring CHI investments are targeted to areas of need, that there is strong community engagement in determining the nature of the investments, and that investments are evaluated for public health impact. 

MPHA encourages all interested community members, organizations, and coalitions to offer comments and suggestions on this important review. 


Read: New Boston Post – Bay State overhauling review process for health care projects (8.24.16)

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