Job Posting for Health Resources in Action, Inc.: Program Coordinator

Title: Program Coordinator 

Organization: Health Resources in Action, Inc.

Brief Summary of Position:

This is an outstanding opportunity for someone who is passionate about and interested in gaining experience with youth tobacco prevention.

This is a temporary, part-time, non-exempt position working 14-21 hours a week starting in August 2016 and ending on June 30, 2017. The Program Coordinator will work with the Project Manager to determine the schedule for this position. Days and times of the week to work would need to be flexible and would be largely based on when the young people are available.

The Program Coordinator’s responsibilities fall within The 84 Movement, a statewide youth leadership and tobacco prevention movement in Massachusetts. The 84 is comprised of groups of high-school-aged-youth in community-based organizations and high schools across the state, which are called “Chapters.” The Coordinator works closely with The 84’s Statewide Leadership Team (SLT), whose mission is to lead communities across MA in the fight against Big Tobacco.

The SLT will meet regularly as a statewide body to give programmatic input, lead statewide events, work on recruitment efforts, and serve as the main spokespeople for The 84 Movement. The Coordinator will mentor and provide training and support for SLT members on topics such as tobacco prevention, public speaking, and the post-secondary education opportunities, and will ensure that the SLT has an authentic role in guiding The 84’s programming and direction. The Coordinator will also assist in supporting The 84 overall and coordinating statewide events that reach hundreds of youth.

In addition, the Program Coordinator will manage a specific project related to flavor surveys that was administered across some localites in the state. This role requires professionalism, excellent organization and coordination skills to ensure all mini-grantees follow the guidelines of the project and are trained accordingly.


  • Recruits a team of 15-20 diverse youth involved in The 84 Movement to serve on the SLT
  • Works individually with SLT youth in one-on-one meetings to develop their leadership skills, provide college and career readiness support, and check in on academic progress
  • Provides technical assistance to adult advisors of the program to support them in their efforts (e.g. completing activities, registering for events, informing them of leadership opportunities for their youth, etc.)
  • Provides assistance with scholarship opportunities, other leadership or service opportunities, and college applications
  • Designs and implements at least one SLT retreat, and potentially another larger retreat, funding dependent
  • Guides the SLT in planning and leading two statewide events and other presentation opportunities as needed
  • Coordinates with high schools and community based-organizations to conduct surveys of youth on flavored tobacco product use
  • Continues implementation and management of a flavored survey mini-grant project in various communities across the state
  • Provides training on youth tobacco use and technical assistance on survey implementation to mini-grantees.
  • Provides statewide training, facilitation and technical assistance to individuals, youth programs, agencies and government entities in youth leadership, tobacco prevention and community change projects
  • Supports training development, event planning and new business development.
  • Recruits new Chapters of The 84 at community-based organizations and high schools
  • Edits documents of The 84 and provide feedback to the team on relevant events, projects, or issues.
  • Serves on a team of other staff members that work on this project and provide general team support whenever appropriate.


  • A strong passion for tobacco control work with youth people
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule, including early mornings, evenings, and a few hours on at least four weekend days per month
  • A commitment to value diversity of thought, backgrounds, and perspectives
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • The ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Willingness to make “cold calls” to organizations in order to grow the program
  • A driver’s license and the willingness to occasionally transport young people or other staff
  • Strong time management skills and ability to maintain a positive work-life balance
  • Willingness to strengthen a curriculum for SLT members who are both local and longdistance
  • Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Basic understanding of social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)
  • Ability to be creative and engaging
  • Strong presence when presenting to a group and refined leadership and facilitation skills
  • Excellent attention to detail, especially with editing
  • Microsoft Office proficiency
  • Leadership capabilities and demonstrated successful experience in working with diverse populations are required for this position
  • Expertise in youth development and cultural competence a plus
  • A sense of humor
  • Familiarity with Massachusetts geography and a wide network of contacts is a plus

To Apply: To see more information and to apply, submit resume and cover letter of interest here.

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