MPHA Stands with Attorney General Maura Healey on Assault Weapons Loophole Closure

Maura loophole 1Following weeks of devastating tragedies across the nation involving assault weapons, including the largest mass murder in the history of our country,  Attorney General Maura Healey announced on July 20, that the Commonwealth will crackdown on illegal sales of assault weapons in Massachusetts. The Attorney General put gun manufacturers on notice that the State of Massachusetts determines what qualifies as an assault weapon, not gun manufacturers.

For many years, the gun industry has sold copycat assault weapons in an effort to get around our state’s ban. Without approval from government or law enforcement, manufacturers have marketed these weapons as “Massachusetts compliant” when they are not. The Attorney General’s Enforcement Notice simply announces that her office will be enforcing our existing assault weapons ban. A copycat AR-15 is virtually indistinguishable from the original and just as deadly. We need strong leaders like Attorney General Healey who will stand up to the gun industry and enforce our laws to protect the citizens of our Commonwealth.

Following the recent mass shootings, sales of weapons similar to those used by the shooters have risen sharply. Following the Pulse shooting in Orlando, sales of an assault weapon similar to that used by the shooter rose as much as 450% in Massachusetts. These hugely destructive weapons do not belong in the hands of civilians. As the state’s leading voice for public health, MPHA stands with Attorney General Maura Healey and applauds her courage in taking a stand on this issue. Let’s stand up together against the baseless attacks on the Attorney General by the gun lobby and get illegal assault weapons out of the hands of civilians, as intended by the Massachusetts assault weapons ban.
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