MPHA-Priority Legislation to Strengthen Local Health Passes in the House

PublicHealth-EveryDay_croppedOn Thursday, July 28th, the House passed MPHA-priority legislation aimed at strengthening our system of local and regional public health services. The push in the House was led by Representative Denise Garlick, with important support from Representative Steve Kulik and Public Health Committee Chairwoman Kate Hogan. The bill was passed in the Senate in May through the leadership of Senator Jason Lewis, and has just a few minor procedural steps remaining before being sent to the Governor’s desk. We are optimistic that this will happen in the near future.

The bill will create the Special Commission on Local and Regional Health, comprised of local and state officials and other service providers and experts from within and outside of the public health system. The Commission would help to establish a common and objective understanding of the state of our current system, allowing us to plan for shared and targeted efforts in the future to enhance the capacity, functionality, and efficiency of the local health system

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