We did it! $100K for the Massachusetts Food Trust

Last month we were thrilled to let you know that the Conference Committee budget included $100,000 in dedicated funding for the operating expenses of the Massachusetts Food Trust Program, an incredible feat considering the Commonwealth’s significant budget challenges.  This month, we have even greater news to share: Governor Charlie Baker finalized the FY17 Budget, maintaining the $100,000 for the Massachusetts Food Trust! This means that after nearly four years of intensive advocacy and organizing by MPHA, and our partners the Massachusetts Food Trust finally has the funds to get up and running.

In addition, this past weekend, the legislature sent a final economic development bill to the Governor that includes an authorization of $6m in capital funds for the Massachusetts Food Trust. These actions bring us very close to the legislative victories needed to launch the Food Trust from concept to reality. Please take a minute to contact the Governor today to ensure we achieve this hard-fought victory to improve healthy food access.

To learn more about the Massachusetts Food Trust Program visit our website or contact Kristina St. Cyr at kstcyr@mapublichealth.org.


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