Job Posting for Harbor Health Services Inc.:President and CEO

Title: President and CEO

OrganizationHarbor Health Services Inc.

Brief Summary of Position: Harbor Health Services, Inc. (HHSI), a mission-driven organization dedicated to providing accessible, affordable health care for all regardless of ability to pay, is seeking a new President and CEO. HHSI has a strong legacy of providing high-quality, community-based medical care and health-related services to racially, culturally, linguistically and socioeconomically diverse communities. The Board of Directors is looking for a strategic leader with exceptional communication and management skills to steer Harbor Health through this time of extraordinary change for community health centers (CHCs) and health care in general.


  • Leads the organization in developing a vision for the future and translate that vision into action
  • Works with the Board and staff to review, update and implement the strategic plan, create short- and long-term goals, and ensure the agency’s priorities are achieved.
  • Balances the organization’s passion for the mission with its need to effectively operate as a business
  • Cultivates a personal connection with the HHSI staff and inspire them in their daily work, setting the tone for HHSI’s culture
  • Continuously improves and strengthens HHSI’s organizational capacities and capabilities – its systems, human resources and business processes
  • Builds respectful and trusting relationships with Board and staff members and oversee operations in a way that realizes the mission, ensures excellence, and encourages innovation.
  • Cultivates and empowers a high-performing senior leadership team
  • Reviews and implementss the recently completed assessment of administrative, financial, clinical and management systems
  • Evaluates organizational structure and roles, as necessary, to determine if they best serve the longer-term needs of the organization
  • Improves efficiency and effectiveness by applying increasingly sophisticated business practices to build organizational capabilities and capacity in the best interests of the populations served
  • Be prepared to adapt; encourages openness, flexibility and creativity in meeting programmatic and regulatory changes
  • Utilizes data to monitor, evaluate and continuously improve operations, to evaluate how well goals are met, and to report on goals met and other results to grantors and other funding agencies, etc.
  • Works with the senior leadership to develop strategies to retain and recruit a diverse team of talented, culturally-competent clinical, professional and administrative staff
  • Promotes a culture of openness and fairness that supports staff and encourages a learning environment and excellence
  • Invests in the professional and personal development of all staff, to give them the tools, skills and confidence to grow in their jobs and create a stronger workforce for HHSI, and for CHCs in general
  • Develops strategies to support, retain and show appreciation for the clinical staff
  • Supports and improves internal communications and team performance
  • Ensures high professional standards throughout the organization
  • Works in concert with the Board and senior leadership team, ensures the administrative and financial integrity of the organization
  • Establishes long-term financial sustainability by building on existing revenue models and strategically assessing and developing new models and revenue streams.
  • Ensures compliance with all Federal and State legal and regulatory requirements by building the proper controls, and providing timely, accurate and complete reporting of financial, administrative and operational information to Federal and state authorities
  • Ensures patient and staff safety through the review and revision of policies and procedures and regulatory compliance
  • Works effectively and in partnership with the Community Board of Directors and enable them to make informed decisions that best advance the organization and its mission.
  • Communicates frequently and clearly with the Board about internal and operating performance, including external and environmental factors that impact health center and ESP business opportunities and overall performance
  • Helps to support and develop a strong consumer-oriented Board, and, as part of the strategic planning process, explores issues around Board composition, development and governance
  • Leverage Board members’ talents and encourage their engagement
  • Serves as HHSI’s ambassador
  • Cultivates existing and new relationships, partnerships and collaborations committed to improving the health and wellness of HHSI’s patients
  • Represents HHSI and the CHC and PACE movements at the local, regional and national levels
  • Participates, advocates and leads – as appropriate – in discussions around health care reform, the challenges and opportunities surrounding its implementation, and the implications for HHSI and its patients
  • Develops a brand to advance visibility and recognition for HHSI throughout the communities it serves
  • Serves as a thought leader in shaping local, state and federal policy regarding community health centers
  • Works actively to forge a diverse range of trusting collaborations and partnerships with key stakeholder groups that are vital to the performance and operations of the health centers, including local health care providers and hospitals
  • Serves as an articulate, persuasive voice and negotiate effectively in the best interests of Harbor Health’s patients
  • Speaks eloquently, persuasively and credibly about the HHSI and its mission
  • Advocates effectively for support of health centers and the populations they serve with elected and appointed officials


  • Senior-level experience in health care, including health care finance, public health and community-based services
  • Leadership with vision, presence and a passion for HHSI’s mission
  • Effective management skills with a demonstrated ability to inspire, delegate, and lead high-performing, collaborative teams
  • Track record of leading and navigating change and growth
  • Sophisticated understanding of the strategic drivers, trends and outside forces that affect PACE and Community Health Centers – both threats and opportunities
  • Skillful navigation of the political, economic and health care landscape
  • Ability to negotiate solutions in the best interest of patients
  • Strong understanding of how to sustain an organization like HHSI through a variety of complex funding mechanisms
  • Experience working with individuals and groups from diverse racial, cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Track record of developing and cultivating strong, effective collaborations and partnerships
  • Demonstrated success in development/fundraising and revenue generation-diversification
  • Experience serving on or working for a board of directors; experience with not-for-profit boards a plus
  • Proven ability to understand and ensure compliance with complex regulatory requirements
  • Strategic and creative thinking skills
  • Ability to transform ideas into action
  • Effective communication skills with the ability to expand the agency’s visibility, influence and impact; passionate, compelling and persuasive; ease with speaking in community and national forums
  • Open-mindedness
  • Ability to build relationships and partnerships with both individuals and other organizations
  • Ability to balance the needs and agendas of competing stakeholders, as well as Board and staff
  • Keen financial and business acumen and political savvy
  • Ability to recognize and create opportunities and leverage resources
  • Ability to  identify new realities and act strategically
  • Ability to make positive sustainable change
  • Strong negotiations skills
  • Ability to move in a diversity of cultures including government, not-for-profit, medical, public health, community and business
  • Passion for the mission and the communities served
  • Commitment to cultural competency and sensitivity
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Integrity; thoughtfulness, honesty and fairness
  • Courage
  • Decision-making skills

To Apply: For more information, click here. To apply, forward resume and cover letter in confidence to: E. Catlin Donnelly & Associates at HHSI does not accept applications directly.

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