Job Posting for The Public Interest Network (TPIN): Administrator

Title: Administrator

OrganizationThe Public interest Network (TPIN)

Brief Summary of Position: The TPIN Administrator in Boston splits time between supporting MASSPIRG, one of the Network’s largest organizations, and supervising the Boston office, home to an additional twelve organizations in the Network. In order to meet ambitious goals, MASSPIRG, and the other organizations in TPIN, require a detail oriented, responsible, and organized administrator to help maintain filing and technological systems, raise funds, cultivate members, conduct outreach to the public and press, manage budgets, keep technology and machinery in working order, and ensure field staff and advocates are able to run effective and efficient campaigns that bring real change to the people of Massachusetts.


  • Manages the organizational budget, income, and expenses.
  • Manages the budget, logistics, and recruitment for numerous trainings, parties, conferences, and other events that prepare staff and volunteers to be better organizers, increase public awareness of MASSPIRG’s campaigns, and help build the organization
  • Maintains MASSPIRG’s fundraising systems
  • Administers large grant and donor drives
  • Meets with MASSPIRG donors to help raise funds for the organization’s programs.
  • Manages an office of 70+ staff and maintains its technical systems, such as the phone system and Internet Network, ordering supplies, maintaining its organizational systems, and proposing and managing contracts with vendors and building management
  • Helps to build the public interest movement by recruiting full time staff and summer canvassers to work on TPIN’s campaigns, raise money, and make social change
  • Helps MASSPIRG build awareness of its campaigns with both the public and press by maintaining and expanding the organizational press list, and writing, editing, and distributing campaign action emails, press releases, and membership appeals
  • Helps to manage MASSPIRG’s social media accounts by creating content and developing its online presence
  • Maintains and organizes MASSPIRG’s records, manages databases for the organization’s financial and membership records, and oversees legal and financial compliance with state and national agencies


  • Organizational, problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Competence in the use of basic administrative tools, such as Excel
  • Demonstration of an ability to quickly comprehend and utilize new programs
  • Ability to maintain technical systems
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to take initiative and complete tasks efficiently
  • Ability to work effectively with all different types of people
  • Passion about political change, organizing, and movement building

To Apply: To apply, click here.

Deadline:  Apply by July 18, 2016. Job starts on August 1, 2016.

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