End of Joint Membership Program with State Affiliates – Final Chance to Enroll!

The American Public Health Association has announced that it will be ending its Joint Membership Program with State Affiliates, on June 30, 2016. Between now and June 30th, you can still enroll in the joint membership program for a final year and receive all the benefits of being both an MPHA and APHA member at a deeply reduced rate. These benefits include exclusive access to the best of what the Public Health industry has to offer in Massachusetts and at the national level. Our members have expressed that the joint membership program is a “meaningful way to connect and transform local movements into national achievements,” and that it offers individuals “a place at the table to contribute to and influence the larger public health conversation.” 

MPHA greatly values the support of our members. At MPHA, we felt the Joint Member Program was a success and we are disappointed APHA has made the decision to end it. It would be helpful for us to hear from our current joint members on what you have liked about it or if you’ve found anything about it to be challenging. Please let us know what the joint membership has meant to you by completing this brief two-question survey.

Beyond June 30th, of course, you can still join MPHA at the standard, student, or Community Health Worker rate to receive all of the benefits of our membership program including: timely updates on policy issues, opportunities to participate in organized action, discounted admission to events, and MPHA’s monthly e-newsletter.

Please renew your joint membership today to take advantage of the joint member discount one more time and to receive early bird savings on registration for 2016 APHA Annual Meeting on top of member savings for both the APHA and MPHA Annual Meetings.

If you have any questions about the MPHA or Joint MPHA/APHA membership programs, please contact Rebekah Gewirtz at rgewirtz@mapublichealth.org or (857) 263-7072, Ext. 100. If you have questions about your membership, please contact Melanie O’Malley at: momalley@mapublichealth.org.

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