MPHA Welcomes New Development Director

AkosuaMPHA is excited to welcome Akosua Ampofo Siever as Development Director. Over the past six years, Akosua has worked with International organizations to secure new funding, leverage community resources, and implement federally and privately funded programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. These programs have built the capacity of local non-profit organizations, government agencies and community volunteers to influence improved and measurable educational, health, social protection and economic outcomes, for vulnerable groups.

Growing up in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, Akosua gained first hand insight on the social, economic and political challenges of building stronger, healthier and more productive communities in environments where sound and comprehensive strategies are often absent or lack appropriate support. Akosua’s passion for community-driven change, and commitment to improving the well-being of vulnerable groups, has brought her to MPHA. Her rich and diverse experience make her an asset to our team. Welcome Akosua!

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