Job Posting for American Cancer Society: Patient Navigator

Title: Patient Navigator

OrganizationAmerican Cancer Society

Brief Summary of Position: One hundred years ago, the American Cancer Society began the fight of a lifetime – the fight against cancer.  After 100 years of saving lives and creating more birthdays, The American Cancer Society is leading the way in working tirelessly to transform cancer from deadly to treatable and from treatable to preventable.

The Patient Navigator will guide cancer patients, their families, and caregivers through the health care system, by establishing contact with newly diagnosed patients as early as possible through approaches agreed upon with the Cancer Center. Bi-lingual Spanish preferred. The Patient Navigator will raise awareness about American Cancer Society information resources, hospital support programs and services, community resources, and will assist in meeting other cancer-related needs articulated by patients and families. The Patient Navigator will connect patients with resources, health care and support services in their communities and assist the patient and oncology physicians in the transition from active treatment to survivorship.


  • Engages cancer patients, family members and caregivers at the time of diagnosis and maintains contact with patients while they are receiving their care
  • Directs patients to information and national and community resources, including, but not limited to, American Cancer Society information resources, support programs and services, and provides referral for needs identified by cancer patients and their families to oncology social workers, hospital programs or community resources
  • Works cooperatively as a member of the oncology health care team to facilitate timely and appropriate cancer care
  • Develops and maintains relationships with hospital staff, American Cancer Society staff, the oncology physicians, hospital departments, referring physicians and community based support services providers
  • Links patients, caregivers and families to follow up services
  • Refrains from formal assessment of patient or family psychosocial needs, counseling, or provision of any type of professional services
  • Maintains patient confidentiality in accordance with HIPAA regulations
  • Contributes to the maintenance of the ACS Community Connection Resource Database.
  • Personally recruits assigned number of team captains for Relay for Life, Making Strides against Breast Cancer or selected endurance events each year, and attains fundraising goal in accordance with Fight Back Team Challenge guidelines.
  • Identifies gaps in resources and documents while working within the ACS Hospital Account Representative to bridge those gaps.
  • Works within the host facility to provide data to promote Navigation program and determine community based needs in order to build patient referrals.
  • Maintains accurate, confidential records documenting services provided and unmet needs.
  • Develops and implements ongoing assessment of patient satisfaction with service provided.
  • Communicates regularly with the ACS Hospital Account Representative and participates as a member of the ACS regional team as appropriate.
  • Acts as a representative of the American Cancer Society within the entire community participating in public speaking and other related activities, especially within the host community.
  • Does not provide medical advice
  • Other duties, including travel, as assigned


  • Bachelor’s Degree in health-related field preferred or combination of sufficient life/work experience. 1-3 experience required.
  • Bi lingual preferred, Spanish
  • Working knowledge of HIPAA regulations and healthcare reimbursement desirable.
  • Strong communication, interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Strong problem solving, relationship building and advocacy skills
  • Ability to prioritize workload, handle multiple tasks and to work independently with limited supervision
  • Experience working in medical settings and interacting collaboratively with medical teams preferred
  • Ability to work in a team environment and to develop and maintain collaborative relationships with field staff, volunteer coordinators, and health care providers.
  • Computer proficiency
  • Dynamic, personable and compassionate
  • Detail oriented
  • Self-motivated
  • Remains composed under stressful and/or emotional situations
  • Works effectively on teams

To Apply: View full job description and apply, here

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