House Budget Advances Key Measures on Substance Abuse Prevention and Food Affordability


On April 27th, the House passed its version of the fiscal year 2017 budget, considering 1,300 amendments over 3 days. The final House budget contained several meaningful successes, including an amendment from Rep. Cantwell to create a  Promote Prevent Commission to evaluate what works in the prevention of substance use disorder and behavioral health conditions. MPHA executive director, Rebekah Gewirtz testified at the hearing on this initiative. She argued that the work of this Commission is an essential compliment to the additional $2.4 million in substance abuse funding provided by the House, most of which is dedicated to much needed treatment resources.

The budget was notably austere in most areas and provided very limited funds to other public health, housing, and environmental programs. Despite the tight budget, we built tremendous momentum around priority issues, including the 

Massachusetts Food Trust  and  Mass in Motion.   Action moves to the Senate next, where the budget will be considered starting on May 18th. Stay tuned for action you can take to support a strong public health budget in the Senate.


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